What to Do with Instant Financial Wealth?

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If you won the Lottery what would you do? If you suddenly became rich, what would be the very first thing you would do with all of your new money? These are questions a lot of us probably ask ourselves. These aren't issues for the richest people in the world, but for us common-folk... we can dream, can't we? Of course we can. We're allowed to dream about paying off all of our debts. Buy a big new house. Maybe buying our parents a new house. Maybe investing our newfound wealth and helping families in need.

Anyway this is a list about what you think you would do if you won the lottery or if you out of nowhere became super wealthy. 

Don't see what you would do with all that cold hard cash on the list? add it! And while you're at it vote up your favorite things on the list (the things you'd be most likely to do if you were rich).
Most divisive: Purchase a Second House
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  • Pay Off Debts
    2,668 votes

    Pay Off Debts

  • Look Out for Loved Ones
    2,132 votes

    Look Out for Loved Ones

  • Purchase a New House
    2,418 votes

    Purchase a New House

  • Contact a Financial Manager
    2,365 votes

    Contact a Financial Manager

  • Purchase a New Car
    2,131 votes

    Purchase a New Car

  • Travel, Travel, Travel
    2,290 votes

    Travel, Travel, Travel