The 100+ Most Stunning Women of the '90s

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Here is a list of stunning celebrity women of the era of slackers, Hackers. and grunge rock: the 1990s. These models, actresses, singers and reality stars ruled the airwaves in the '90s, and many became pop culture icons for their sultry looks and alluring performances. Many of the women featured on the list have remained popular since the 1990s, and continue to have success in the entertainment industry to this day.

Gwyneth Paltrow may have won an Oscar for her role in Shakespeare in Love, but a new generation knows her primarily as Pepper Potts from the Iron Man films, or from Goop. Heather Graham, another of the famous blonde actresses from the 90s, was recognizable in Boogie Nights, but may be more popular than ever thanks to her turn in The Hangover. Jennifer Love Hewitt turned heads in I Know What You Did Last Summer. Some '90s actresses known primarily for sultry roles in that era have gone on to earn accolades for more serious parts in subsequent years, particularly Charlize Theron, who won an Oscar for her performance in Monster. She's definitely one of the greatest female movie stars of the 90s.

Not all popular '90s celebs have gone on to such success in subsequent years. Pamela Anderson hasn't found a way to capitalize on her many years as the star of Baywatch, save a cameo in Borat. Claudia Schiffer is another of the hot actresses from the 90s who hasn't been in the public eye for a while. 

Denise Richards and Cameron Diaz are also some of the most beautiful women of the '90s. Who do you think the most attractive '90s ladies are? Vote up your favorite famous 90s actresses, singers, models, etc. so they top this list! 

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