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The Worst Band Names Ever

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List of the worst band names ever chosen. With the ridiculous multitude of options for consumers, not just among the diverse crop of musical acts but all the different ways of discovering new music, picking the right band name is more important than ever. There are lots of requirements: The best band names have to be memorable enough for people to hear once or twice and remember. It has to be easily searchable in Google and social networks, so new fans can find you. The band name has to be funny or clever or interesting without being lame or cliche. Some artists succeed in picking just the right name, but let's be honest, not everyone gets there. Many of those who don't end up with stupid band names. 

What are the most stupid band names in history? This is a list of bands that not only failed to come up with a good name, they actually came up with the stupidest names ever. Whether they're trite or stupid or just don't reflect what the band actually sounds like, these bad band names are the Ranker community's official picks for more poorly named musical acts ever.