The Worst A-List Hollywood Actors

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To be completely honest, not every actor is going to be a Meryl Streep. The "actors" on this list of the worst living A-list Hollywood actors prove this fact with every new film they release.

You won't find the men on this list among the best actors of all time. Way too many actors with big parts in movies are average, if that. This is a list that highlights those A-list actors whose status as lead actors needs to be reconsidered, to put it mildly. These A-list actors somehow continue to get jobs in big blockbuster films even though they may not have the acting chops to carry an entire movie. In short, they're the worst actors, but Hollywood just hasn't realized it yet.

Many of the A-listers on this list are some of the most recognizable names in film. There is a mix of aging action stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone and funny men like Chris Rock and Kevin James, whose appearance in Grown Ups 2 alone lands them on this list. There are other terrible actors on here who may have been considered top actors at one point, like John Travolta, but they haven't had a hit movie in many years. Actors like Keanu Reeves, Jean Claude Van Damme, and David Arquette aren't exactly known for their range as thespians, yet continue to be considered bankable stars by the movie-going public. Who's the worst actor? Well, that's up to you. 

This list of horrible actors isn't for the talented, award-winning stars. Scroll through the names below and vote up the ones you think deserve the title of the worst A-list actors in Hollywood.

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