The Worst Sports Personalities on ESPN

As much as sports fans love to watch ESPN, sometimes religiously, this doesn't mean that all of its pundits are tolerable. In fact it's the opposite. There are so many ESPN personalities that sports fans love to hate that making an Ultimate List seems like the right thing to do. Some of these guys love to troll their viewers, anger their studio guests all in the name of high ratings. There are so many great examples to choose from, but the one sports personality that people love to hate is Skip Bayless. It's hard to believe but at one point, Bayless was a highly respected sports journalist. Nowadays, he's the co-host of First Take with another mutually despised personality, Stephen A. Smith. While Smith is a bit more respected than Bayless, his loud and often obnoxious way of phrasing things is a turn-off to many sports fans.

Other ESPN personalities that people consider the worst are from the network's NFL coverage. Chris Berman and Keyshawn Johnson represent the professional football faction on this list of ESPN anchors. While Johnson's merits can be disputed, Berman's act has grown stale after 30 years. His incessant calls and annoying TV persona has alienated football fans who want meat and potatoes coverage. That alone has landed him in the category of worst sports personalities, from SportsCenter and all across ESPN.

This is a list chock full of people on ESPN who you wish would just shut up - and many of them are among the worst sports announcers. It's up to you to decide which of these pundits should be called the worst that ESPN has to offer.
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