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The Worst TV Spin-Offs

What are the worst TV spin-offs in history? This list includes some truly terrible TV spin-off shows created when studio execs tried to capitalize on the glory and popularity of other popular shows. In theory, spinoffs allow faithful viewers of the original shows the chance to learn more about some of the beloved original characters. In practice, however, many of these bad spinoff shows were not only poorly executed, but also centered around characters that nobody really cared about in the first place. I mean, did anyone really care what happened when "Cheers" waitress Carla's ex-husband remarried? No one did. No one - and that's why "The Tortellis" only ran for half a season.

Be sure to add any memorable spin-off series that I missed - and check on this list of the best tv spin-offs to vote on the ones that actually did work. Also, feel free to rerank this list any way you like.

Why mess with a good thing? If a specific TV show ran for a long time and was extremely popular, why spin it off? You run the risk of winding up with a sucky show, one that's so bad it threatens to ruin the fond memories of the original program. Need proof? Let's discuss 'Joey': After 'Friends' ended, NBC decided that it just had to give Matt LeBlanc a spin-off sitcom. Sure, he's a talented guy, and everyone loved Joey on 'Friends,' (one of the greatest TV shows of all time) but could he carry a show solo? No. No, he could not. 'Joey' was, in a word, forgettable. NBC yanked it off the air midway through its second season. Bad, bad idea.

Other terrible TV spin-offs include the absolutely horrific hot mess 'Joanie Loves Chachi,' a spin-off of Garry Marshall's wildly successful sitcom 'Happy Days.' Look, it's cool that Joanie did, in fact, love Chachi, but a whole show surrounding just them? Ugh. Somehow, 'Joanie Loves Chachi' did last for 17 episodes before it was canceled.

Look, it's hard not to want more when you love a particular TV show that goes off the air, for whatever reason. Good things do end, however, and that does not mean you have to try and milk the popularity of a particular show for all it's worth. Sometimes, it is truly best to leave things alone. That's what this list is all about. Now, go vote!
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