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Buildings: Architects and their Landmarks

"Informational lists in this directory of architectural landmarks by architect are listed below - this includes homes, churches and skyscrapers by the world's most well-known architects. Architecture images are included on the lists of buildings by creator. Lists on this page are alphabetical by name of creator and use our database of architectural landmarks and the famous architects that created them. Looking for ""top 10"", ""best of"", ""alltime best"", types of lists? This is not the right section for these; however, the factual lists in this directory of architects and their work can be used to build your own ""best of"" or ""favorite"" style lists of a particular architect's homes, churches, skyscrapers or landmarks. "

  1. List of Filippo Brunelleschi Architecture
  2. List of Daniel Burnham Architecture
  3. List of Kenzo Tange Architecture
  4. List of Stanford White Architecture
  5. List of Walter Gropius Architecture
  6. List of Richard Meier Architecture
  7. List of Sir Norman Foster Architecture
  8. List of Julia Morgan Architecture
  9. List of Andrea Palladio Architecture
  10. List of Daniel Libeskind Architecture
  11. List of Christopher Wren Architecture
  12. List of Philip Johnson Architecture
  13. List of I. M. Pei Architecture
  14. List of Alvar Aalto Architecture
  15. List of Santiago Calatrava Architecture
  16. List of Louis Sullivan Architecture
  17. List of Gustave Eiffel Architecture
  18. List of Zaha Hadid Architecture
  19. List of Le Corbusier Architecture
  20. List of Louis Kahn Architecture
  21. List of Rem Koolhaas Architecture
  22. List of John Portman Architecture
  23. List of Herbert Baker Architecture
  24. Karl Friedrich Schinkel Architecture
  25. Tadao Ando Architecture
  26. List of James Paine Architecture
  27. List of Thomas Jefferson Architecture
  28. Eliel Saarinen Architecture
  29. List of Frank Mills Andrews Architecture
  30. List of Clarence H. Johnston, Sr. Architecture
  31. List of John C. Austin Architecture
  32. List of Louis A. Simon Architecture
  33. Ward Wellington Ward Architecture
  34. List of Alden B. Dow Architecture
  35. List of William Pereira Architecture
  36. List of Minard Lafever Architecture
  37. List of John Gaw Meem Architecture
  38. List of Robert Mills Architecture
  39. List of Charles Follen McKim Architecture
  40. List of Edwin Lutyens Architecture
  41. List of Rudolf Schindler Architecture
  42. List of Richard Rogers Architecture
  43. List of Bernard Maybeck Architecture
  44. List of Charles Willard Moore Architecture
  45. List of Albert Kahn Architecture
  46. List of Henry Hobson Richardson Architecture
  47. List of Joseph Esherick Architecture
  48. List of Emery Roth Architecture
  49. List of Victor Horta Architecture
  50. Joseph Lyman Silsbee Architecture
  51. Ewan Christian Architecture
  52. Konstantin Melnikov Architecture
  53. George D. Mason Architecture
  54. Peter Chermayeff Architecture
  55. List of James Gallier Architecture
  56. Philip Hooker Architecture
  57. List of Giacomo della Porta Architecture
  58. List of Charles Bulfinch Architecture
  59. List of Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli Architecture
  60. List of Fumihiko Maki Architecture
  61. List of Archibald Leitch Architecture
  62. List of Frank Matcham Architecture
  63. List of Jean Nouvel Architecture
  64. List of Isaiah Rogers Architecture
  65. List of John Carr Architecture
  66. List of Herbert J. Krapp Architecture
  67. List of Welton Becket Architecture
  68. List of James Gibbs Architecture
  69. List of Marcel Breuer Architecture
  70. List of Moshe Safdie Architecture
  71. List of Ralph Adams Cram Architecture
  72. List of Horace Jones Architecture
  73. Francesco Maria Richini Architecture
  74. List of Carlo Fontana Architecture
  75. Balyan family Architecture
  76. List of James Wyatt Architecture
  77. List of Pietro Belluschi Architecture
  78. List of James Renwick, Jr. Architecture
  79. List of John Haviland Architecture
  80. List of Erich Mendelsohn Architecture
  81. John Foulston Architecture
  82. John Nash Architecture
  83. Willoughby J. Edbrooke Architecture
  84. Oliver Hill Architecture
  85. Quinlan Terry Architecture
  86. Henry Holland Architecture
  87. Bruce Price Architecture
  88. List of Edward Maufe Architecture
  89. Lars Sonck Architecture
  90. Alexander C. Eschweiler Architecture
  91. List of Dankmar Adler Architecture
  92. List of Carl Ludvig Engel Architecture
  93. List of Alfred B. Mullett Architecture
  94. List of Raphael Soriano Architecture
  95. List of Reginald Ely Architecture
  96. Shreve, Lamb and Harmon Architecture
  97. Louis Le Vau Architecture
  98. List of Ammi B. Young Architecture
  99. List of John Burgee Architecture
  100. List of Arata Isozaki Architecture
  101. List of Samuel Sloan Architecture
  102. List of Alfred Waterhouse Architecture
  103. List of John Lautner Architecture
  104. List of Richard Neutra Architecture
  105. List of Trost & Trost Architecture
  106. List of Richard Morris Hunt Architecture
  107. List of George Gilbert Scott Architecture
  108. List of Eero Saarinen Architecture
  109. List of Frank Furness Architecture
  110. List of James Gandon Architecture
  111. Edward Blore Architecture
  112. List of Eberhard Zeidler Architecture
  113. Inigo Jones Architecture
  114. Bruce Goff Architecture
  115. Filippo Juvarra Architecture
  116. List of John Notman Architecture
  117. List of Dan Meis Architecture
  118. List of Raymond Hood Architecture
  119. List of Hugh Stubbins Jr. Architecture
  120. List of John Calvin Stevens Architecture
  121. List of John S. Van Bergen Architecture
  122. List of Gordon Bunshaft Architecture
  123. List of George W. Maher Architecture
  124. List of Oscar Niemeyer Architecture
  125. Patrick Keely Architecture
  126. Jack Coia Architecture
  127. James Stirling Architecture
  128. List of Frederick Clarke Withers Architecture
  129. Thomas Telford Architecture
  130. Rapp and Rapp Architecture
  131. List of Helmut Jahn Architecture
  132. List of Philip Powell Architecture
  133. List of Donald Wexler Architecture
  134. List of Peabody and Stearns Architecture
  135. List of William Wurster Architecture
  136. List of Ellis F. Lawrence Architecture
  137. List of George Frederick Bodley Architecture
  138. List of Nicholas J. Clayton Architecture
  139. List of Charles Holden Architecture
  140. List of Carlos Mardel Architecture
  141. List of Richard Upjohn Architecture
  142. List of John Russell Pope Architecture
  143. List of Harry Bell Measures Architecture
  144. List of Wallace Harrison Architecture
  145. List of Harry Seidler Architecture
  146. List of Willis Polk Architecture
  147. List of James Piers St Aubyn Architecture
  148. List of Frank Gehry Architecture
  149. List of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Architecture
  150. List of Thomas W. Lamb Architecture
  151. List of C. Howard Crane Architecture
  152. List of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin Architecture
  153. List of Minoru Yamasaki Architecture
  154. List of George B. Post Architecture
  155. List of Max Abramovitz Architecture
  156. List of W. G. R. Sprague Architecture
  157. List of Donato Bramante Architecture
  158. List of David Childs Architecture
  159. List of Michael Graves Architecture
  160. List of Charles Barry Architecture
  161. List of Sigurd Lewerentz Architecture
  162. List of John Wellborn Root Architecture
  163. List of Anthony Salvin Architecture
  164. List of Pier Luigi Nervi Architecture
  165. List of Adrian Smith Architecture
  166. Hans Poelzig Architecture
  167. Ernest Flagg Architecture
  168. Ferdinand Arnodin Architecture
  169. List of Samuel Hannaford Architecture
  170. Henry Vaughan Architecture
  171. Peter Harrison Architecture
  172. Elijah E. Myers Architecture
  173. Walter W. Ahlschlager Architecture
  174. John Foster Architecture
  175. Napoleon LeBrun Architecture
  176. Russell Warren Architecture
  177. E. W. Pugin Architecture
  178. List of Henry Austin Architecture
  179. Solon Spencer Beman Architecture
  180. Thom Mayne Architecture
  181. List of William Butterfield Architecture
  182. List of Edward Brickell White Architecture
  183. List of Arthur Blomfield Architecture
  184. Guy Lowell Architecture
  185. Wyatt C. Hedrick Architecture
  186. James Knox Taylor Architecture
  187. List of Edward Durell Stone Architecture
  188. List of Renzo Piano Architecture
  189. List of Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture
  190. List of James Hoban Architecture
  191. List of Robert Adam Architecture
  192. List of Ernest Coxhead Architecture
  193. List of Charles Luckman Architecture
  194. List of John Eberson Architecture
  195. List of Sylvanus Trevail Architecture
  196. Robert Smythson Architecture
  197. List of Samuel Sanders Teulon Architecture
  198. W.D. Caroe Architecture
  199. Peter Eisenman Architecture
  200. List of Charles Voysey Architecture