Lists of famous buildings by city, architectural style, architect, and more. The world’s most famous architectural works are contained in the lists on these pages, with photos and metadata. Architectural landmarks as well as other major buildings and structures – any prominent examples of architecture from a home to a skyscraper – are included. The smallest houses to the tallest buildings to the greatest churches and cathedrals – if they are architecturally significant they will show up on one of these lists. The lists below are great references both for historical landmarks as well as new modern buildings. Find the complete works by architects new and old in these lists.

List of Architectural Styles
Famous Neoclassical Architecture Buildings Famous Rococo Buildings Famous Medieval architecture buildings Famous High-Tech Architecture Buildings Famous Byzantine Architecture Buildings Roman Architecture Buildings/Structures Famous Ottoman Turkish architecture buildings Famous Art Nouveau buildings Famous Classical Architecture Buildings Famous Doric order buildings Famous Constructivist architecture buildings Postmodern Architecture Buildings/Structures Famous Mughal architecture buildings Famous Edwardian architecture buildings Famous Islamic architecture buildings Famous Arts and Crafts Movement Buildings Famous Moorish architecture buildings Famous Chinese architecture buildings Famous Vernacular Architecture Buildings Famous Neo-gothic architecture buildings Famous Corinthian order buildings Famous Gothic Architecture Buildings Famous Mediterranean Revival Style Architecture Buildings Famous Mission Revival Style Architecture Buildings Famous International Style Buildings Famous Georgian Architecture Buildings Famous Collegiate Gothic Buildings Famous Neoclassicism Buildings Famous Brutalist Architecture Buildings Colonial Revival Architecture Buildings/Structures