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Actor Roles by Genre
Kevin Costner Western Roles Steve McQueen Western Roles Gregory Peck Western Roles Robin Williams Animation Roles Sam Elliott Western Roles Henry Fonda Western Roles Kirk Douglas Western Roles Charles Bronson Western Roles Jennifer Aniston Romantic Comedy Roles Paul Newman Western Roles Sandra Bullock Romantic Comedy Roles Paul Rudd Romantic Comedy Roles Dean Martin Western Roles Ben Affleck Romantic Comedy Roles Reese Witherspoon Romantic Comedy Roles James Garner Western Roles Tom Selleck Western Roles Kate Hudson Romantic Comedy Roles Robert Duvall Western Roles John Cusack Romantic Comedy Roles Mark Ruffalo Romantic Comedy Roles James Stewart Western Roles Elvis Presley Western Roles Jennifer Lopez Romantic Comedy Roles Gene Hackman Western Roles Jack Nicholson Romantic Comedy Roles Cameron Diaz Romantic Comedy Roles Gary Cooper Romance Film Roles Audie Murphy Western Roles Steve Staley Anime Roles