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Military Conflicts: Military Conflicts by War

This is an almanac of all overarching military conflicts and every battle or smaller conflict that was fought as a part of that larger conflict (or war.) This directory contains all military conflicts from every war. Using our database of battles and our database of wars, we were able to make this very specific list of battles fought in every war. These fact-lists are all the military battles that have occurred in any war or invasion with any military influence. The following are lists of battles listed by the war or invasion it was a part of.

  1. List Of Greek War of Independence Battles
  2. List Of Apache Wars Battles
  3. List Of Second Boer War Battles
  4. List Of French and Indian War Battles
  5. List Of Iraq War Battles
  6. List Of Great Patriotic War Battles
  7. List Of Operation Barbarossa Battles
  8. List Of First Crusade Battles
  9. List Of Venezuelan War of Independence Battles
  10. List Of Spanish-American War Battles
  11. List Of Soviet war in Afghanistan Battles
  12. List Of Eastern Front Battles
  13. List Of English Civil War Battles
  14. List Of Texas Revolution Battles
  15. List Of Crimean War Battles
  16. List Of Thirty Years' War Battles
  17. List Of Seven Years' War Battles
  18. List Of Falklands War Battles
  19. List Of Middle Eastern theatre of World War I Battles
  20. List Of Italian Campaign Battles
  21. List Of Korean War Battles
  22. List Of Gulf War Battles
  23. List Of Peloponnesian War Battles
  24. List Of Cuban Revolution Battles
  25. List Of Russian Civil War Battles
  26. A List Of All Battle of Normandy Battles
  27. List Of Navajo Wars Battles
  28. List Of Cold War Battles
  29. List Of Gallic Wars Battles
  30. List Of Black Hawk War Battles
  31. List Of 2001 war in Afghanistan Battles
  32. List Of Wars of Alexander the Great Battles
  33. List Of War on Terrorism Battles
  34. List Of War of the Spanish Succession Battles
  35. List Of Muslim conquests Battles
  36. List Of Wars of the Roses Battles
  37. List Of Iran-Iraq War Battles
  38. List Of War of 1812 Battles
  39. List Of Mongol Conquests Battles
  40. List Of Second Crusade Battles
  41. List Of Crusades Battles
  42. List Of Argentine War of Independence Battles
  43. List Of Muslim Conquest Of Syria Battles
  44. List Of Brazilian War of Independence Battles
  45. List Of Hundred Years' War Battles
  46. List Of Three Kingdoms Battles
  47. List Of Russian Revolution of 1917 Battles
  48. List Of French Revolutionary Wars Battles
  49. List Of Irish War of Independence Battles
  50. List Of Mexican Revolution Battles
  51. List Of Pacific War Battles
  52. List Of Great Northern War Battles
  53. List Of Dominican War of Independence Battles
  54. List Of Burma Campaign Battles
  55. List Of Roman civil wars Battles
  56. List Of Irish Rebellion of 1798 Battles
  57. List Of Franco-Dutch War Battles
  58. List Of Allied Invasion of Sicily in WW2 Battles
  59. List Of Ottoman wars in Europe Battles
  60. List Of North African campaign Battles
  61. List Of Bosnian War Battles
  62. List Of Sioux Wars Battles
  63. List Of Peninsular War Battles
  64. List Of Indo-Pak War of 1971 Battles
  65. List Of Operation Junction City Battles
  66. List Of Chinese Civil War Battles
  67. List Of Italian unification Battles
  68. List Of American Civil War Battles
  69. List Of Napoleonic Wars Battles
  70. List Of French invasion of Russia Battles
  71. List Of Norwegian Campaign Battles
  72. List Of Eighty Years' War Battles
  73. List Of Yugoslav Front Battles
  74. List Of Reconquista Battles
  75. List Of Battle of Gallipoli Battles
  76. List Of First Barbary War Battles
  77. List Of Battle of the Bulge Battles
  78. List Of Second Seminole War Battles
  79. List Of Dutch Revolt Battles
  80. List Of Northern Crusades Battles
  81. List Of Tunisia Campaign Battles
  82. List Of Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation Battles
  83. List Of Civil war in Chad Battles
  84. List Of King William's War Battles
  85. List Of First Opium War Battles
  86. List Of Yom Kippur War Battles
  87. List Of Quasi-War Battles
  88. List Of Italo-Turkish War Battles
  89. List Of First Punic War Battles
  90. List Of 2003 invasion of Iraq Battles
  91. List Of Second Punic War Battles
  92. List Of Hussite Wars Battles
  93. List Of First Indochina War Battles
  94. List Of War of the Grand Alliance Battles
  95. List Of First War of Scottish Independence Battles
  96. List Of Maccabean Revolt Battles
  97. List Of Indian Wars Battles
  98. List Of Croatian War of Independence Battles
  99. List Of Sino-French War Battles
  100. List Of Nanboku-cho Battles
  101. List Of Taiping Rebellion Battles
  102. List Of Unification of Saudi Arabia Battles
  103. List Of Asian and Pacific theatre of World War I Battles
  104. List Of Lebanese Civil War Battles
  105. List Of Red River Campaign Battles
  106. List Of Ute Wars Battles
  107. List Of Heian period Battles
  108. List Of Mesopotamian Campaign Battles
  109. List Of Great Turkish War Battles
  110. List Of Greco-Persian Wars Battles
  111. List Of Gothic War Battles
  112. List Of Boshin War Battles
  113. List Of World War I Battles
  114. List Of Finnish War Battles
  115. List Of Samnite Wars Battles
  116. List Of Russo-Japanese War Battles
  117. List Of Winter War Battles
  118. List Of Second Sino-Japanese War Battles
  119. List Of Ethiopian-Adal War Battles
  120. List Of World War II Battles
  121. List Of Sioux Uprising Battles
  122. List Of Genpei War Battles
  123. List Of Second Chechen War Battles
  124. List Of Scanian War Battles
  125. List Of Anglo-Scottish Wars Battles
  126. List Of Somali Civil War Battles
  127. List Of Operation Enduring Freedom - Horn of Africa Battles
  128. List Of War in North-West Pakistan Battles
  129. List Of Philippine Revolution Battles
  130. List Of Queen Anne's War Battles
  131. List Of Boxer Rebellion Battles
  132. List Of Third Mithridatic War Battles
  133. List Of Turkish War of Independence Battles
  134. List Of First Chechen War Battles
  135. List Of Second Italian War of Independence Battles
  136. List Of American Revolutionary War Battles
  137. List Of First Carlist War Battles
  138. List Of Chilean Independence Battles
  139. List Of Mahdist War Battles
  140. List Of First Sino-Japanese War Battles
  141. List Of Indian rebellion of 1857 Battles
  142. List Of Sengoku period Battles
  143. List Of The Troubles Battles
  144. List Of Greco-Turkish War Battles
  145. List Of War of the Triple Alliance Battles
  146. List Of Sri Lankan civil war Battles
  147. List Of Nagorno-Karabakh War Battles
  148. List Of Caucasus Campaign Battles
  149. List Of Great Sioux War of 1876-77 Battles
  150. List Of Nine Years' War Battles
  151. List Of Northwest Indian War Battles
  152. List Of Jacobite rising Battles
  153. List Of Estonian War of Independence Battles
  154. List Of Greco-Italian War Battles
  155. List Of Kosovo War Battles
  156. Battles of Macrohistorical Importance of Invasions of Europe
  157. List Of Eritrean War of Independence Battles
  158. List Of King George's War Battles
  159. List Of Serbian Campaign Battles
  160. List Of War of the Polish Succession Battles
  161. List Of Chaco War Battles
  162. List Of Arauco War Battles
  163. List Of War of the Fifth Coalition Battles
  164. List Of Anglo-Zulu War Battles
  165. List Of Battle of Malaya Battles
  166. List Of War of the Austrian Succession Battles
  167. List Of First Balkan War Battles
  168. List Of War in Somalia Battles
  169. List Of Spanish Civil War Battles
  170. List Of Mediterranean Theatre of World War II Battles
  171. List Of Franco-Prussian War Battles
  172. List Of Caesar's civil war Battles
  173. List Of Operation Banner Battles
  174. List Of Qing Dynasty Battles
  175. List Of Southern theater of the American Revolutionary War Battles
  176. List Of Macedonian front Battles
  177. List Of Romanian Campaign Battles
  178. List Of Bangladesh Liberation War Battles
  179. List Of Indo-Pak War of 1965 Battles
  180. List Of East African Campaign Battles
  181. List Of Irish Bruce Wars 1315-1318 Battles
  182. List Of Battle of Megiddo Battles