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Operas: Famous Opera Composers List

This is a directory filled with lists of famous opera composers and every opera they ever composed. This list of all major opera composers and all of their works is organized alphabetically below. Every opera composer has their own list of everything they ever composed. You can use these lists to rank your favorite operas by each composer and you can get started with just a single click. These lists of operas by their composer include images and additional information about their operas when available. All the lists below are factual lists relating to opera.

  1. List of Antonio Salieri Operas
  2. List of Giuseppe Verdi Operas
  3. List of Richard Strauss Operas
  4. List of Vincenzo Bellini Operas
  5. List of Giacomo Puccini Operas
  6. List of Igor Stravinsky Operas
  7. List of Gioacchino Rossini Operas
  8. List of Georges Bizet Operas
  9. List of Antonio Vivaldi Operas
  10. List of Jean-Philippe Rameau Operas
  11. List of George Frideric Handel Operas
  12. List of Richard Wagner Operas
  13. List of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Operas
  14. List of Jules Massenet Operas
  15. List of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Operas
  16. List of Hector Berlioz Operas
  17. List of Gaetano Donizetti Operas
  18. List of Charles Gounod Operas
  19. List of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Operas
  20. List of Benjamin Britten Operas
  21. List of Claudio Monteverdi Operas
  22. List of Philip Glass Operas
  23. List of Jacques Offenbach Operas
  24. List of Michael Nyman Operas
  25. List of Domenico Cimarosa Operas
  26. List of Sergei Rachmaninoff Operas
  27. List of Ralph Vaughan Williams Operas
  28. List of Giuseppe Sarti Operas
  29. List of Carl Maria von Weber Operas
  30. List of Kurt Weill Operas
  31. List of Hans Werner Henze Operas
  32. List of Francesco Cavalli Operas
  33. List of Christoph Willibald Gluck Operas
  34. List of Daniel Auber Operas
  35. List of Umberto Giordano Operas
  36. List of Carl Orff Operas
  37. List of Ernst Krenek Operas
  38. List of Johann Strauss II Operas
  39. List of Marc-Antoine Charpentier Operas
  40. List of Modest Mussorgsky Operas
  41. List of Sergei Prokofiev Operas
  42. List of Giacomo Meyerbeer Operas
  43. List of Gian Carlo Menotti Operas
  44. List of Pietro Mascagni Operas
  45. List of Ottorino Respighi Operas
  46. List of Joseph Haydn Operas
  47. List of Paul Hindemith Operas
  48. List of RichardWagner Operas
  49. List of Ruggero Leoncavallo Operas
  50. List of Jean-Baptiste Lully Operas
  51. List of Henry Purcell Operas
  52. List of Luigi Cherubini Operas