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Video Games: Video Games by Genre and Developer

  1. List of Capcom Beat 'em Ups
  2. List of Sega Survival Horror Games
  3. List of Sega Beat 'em Ups
  4. Complete List of All Konami Run And Gun Games
  5. List of Sega Platform Games
  6. List of Sega Role-playing Games
  7. List of Illusion Soft Eroges
  8. List of Sega Scrolling Shooters
  9. List of Sega Shooter Games
  10. List of Capcom Fighting Games
  11. List of Konami Fighting Games
  12. List of Namco Fighting Games
  13. List of Sega Fighting Games
  14. List of Big Fish Games Adventures
  15. List of Sega First-person Shooters
  16. List of PopCap Games Hidden Object Games
  17. List of Nintendo Racing Games
  18. List of Ubisoft First-person Shooters
  19. List of Electronic Arts First-person Shooters
  20. List of Sony Online Entertainment MMORPGs
  21. List of Taito Corporation Racing Games
  22. List of Big Fish Games Hidden Object Games
  23. List of MicroProse Flight Simulators
  24. List of Konami Shoot 'em Ups
  25. List of Raven Software First-person Shooters
  26. List of Namco Rail Shooters
  27. List of Gameloft Racing Games
  28. List of Konami Survival Horror Games
  29. List of Valve Corporation First-person Shooters
  30. List of Capcom Survival Horror Games
  31. List of Namco Combat Flight Simulators
  32. List of Chunsoft Roguelikes
  33. List of Origin Systems Flight Simulators
  34. List of Konami Racing Games
  35. List of Taito Corporation Fighting Games
  36. List of Ubisoft Platform Games
  37. List of Konami Visual Novels
  38. List of EA Black Box Sports Games
  39. List of Sega Educational Games
  40. List of Data East Beat 'em Ups
  41. List of Koei Strategy Games
  42. List of Cave Manic Shooters
  43. List of EA Black Box Racing Games
  44. List of Sega Space Flight Simulator Games
  45. List of Capcom Hack And Slashs
  46. List of Namco Platform Games
  47. List of Sega Puzzle Games
  48. List of Konami Beat 'em Ups
  49. List of Falcom Role-playing Games
  50. List of Codemasters Racing Games
  51. List of Konami Dating Sims
  52. List of Tilted Mill Entertainment City-building Games
  53. List of Taito Corporation Shoot 'em Ups
  54. List of Sega Tactical Role-playing Games
  55. List of Genki Racing Games
  56. List of Impressions Games City-building Games
  57. List of Sierra Entertainment Adventures
  58. List of Blizzard Entertainment Real-time Strategys
  59. List of Electronic Arts MMORPGs
  60. List of Navel Eroges
  61. List of Technos Japan Corporation Beat 'em Ups
  62. List of PopCap Games Puzzle Games
  63. List of Namco Beat 'em Ups
  64. List of Sega Fantasys
  65. List of SSI World War IIs
  66. List of Atari Racing Games
  67. List of Big Fish Games Puzzles
  68. List of Nintendo Shoot 'em Ups
  69. List of Konami Sports Games
  70. List of Sierra Entertainment Role-playing Games
  71. List of Konami Platform Games
  72. List of Id Software First-person Shooters
  73. List of SSI Strategy Games
  74. List of THQ Racing Games
  75. List of Konami Light Guns
  76. List of Infogrames Racing Games
  77. List of Level 9 Computing Adventures
  78. List of Capcom Adventures
  79. List of Navel Visual Novels
  80. List of SNK Playmore Beat 'em Ups
  81. List of Piranha Bytes Action Role-playing Games
  82. List of Konami Survival Horror Games
  83. List of Valve Corporation Survival Horror Games
  84. List of Gameloft Action-adventure Games
  85. List of PopCap Games Puzzle Games
  86. List of Ubisoft Tactical Shooters
  87. List of Midway Games Fighting Games
  88. List of Sega Run And Guns
  89. List of Ubisoft Racing Games
  90. List of Rare Beat 'em Up Games
  91. List of Gameloft Action Games
  92. List of Namco Racing Games
  93. List of Koei Hack And Slashs
  94. List of Ubisoft Stealth-based Games
  95. List of SNK Playmore Fighting Games
  96. List of Capcom Shoot 'em Ups
  97. List of Nintendo Hidden Object Games
  98. List of ASCII Role-playing Games
  99. List of Treasure Co. Ltd Shoot 'em Ups
  100. List of Namco Flight Simulators
  101. List of Epic Games First-person Shooters
  102. List of Climax Group Action Games
  103. List of Konami First-person Shooters
  104. List of Toaplan Shoot 'em Ups
  105. List of Atari Simulation Games
  106. List of Square Enix MMORPGs
  107. List of Konami Action Games
  108. List of Microsoft Game Studios Flight Simulators
  109. List of Sega Shoot 'em Ups
  110. List of Sonic Team Hack And Slashs
  111. List of Sega Rail Shooters
  112. List of Sega Hack And Slashs
  113. List of BioWare Role-playing Video Games
  114. List of Paradox Interactive Grand Strategys
  115. List of American Laser Games Light Guns
  116. List of Electronic Arts Third-person Shooters
  117. List of Cave Shoot 'em Ups
  118. List of Konami Strategy Games
  119. List of Leaf Eroges
  120. List of Papyrus Design Group Racing Games
  121. List of Sierra Entertainment Computer Role-playing Games
  122. List of Namco Arcade Games
  123. List of Taito Corporation Beat 'em Ups
  124. List of Konami Console Role-playing Games
  125. List of SNK Playmore Shoot 'em Ups
  126. List of Sierra Entertainment Horrors
  127. List of Key Visual Novels
  128. List of Hudson Soft Fighting Games
  129. List of Capcom Third-person Shooters
  130. List of Gameloft Sports Games
  131. List of Sega Racing Games
  132. List of Midway Games Racing Games
  133. List of Sierra Entertainment Educational Games
  134. List of Namco Shooter Games
  135. List of Leaf Visual Novels
  136. List of Konami Rail Shooters