42reranksThe Best Shounen Anime Of All Time
Hunter x Hunter (2011)#1 Hunter x Hunter (2011)Top 5 in Reranks and Most Votes
Naruto: Shippuden#4 Naruto: ShippudenHeavily Upvoted
One Piece#5 One PieceOften listed #1
39reranksSci-Fi Shows You Should Be Watching Now
Stranger Things#2 Stranger ThingsMost Votes and Most Up Votes
Star Trek: Discovery#6 Star Trek: DiscoveryRanked High on Reranks
Doctor Who#9 Doctor WhoRanked High on Reranks
54reranksThe Funniest Characters Currently On TV
Stewie Griffin#1 Stewie GriffinHeavily Upvoted
Detective Jake Peralta#3 Detective Jake PeraltaHeavily Upvoted
Eric Cartman#4 Eric CartmanHeavily Upvoted
39reranksThe Best TV Actors And Actresses Of All Time
Bryan Cranston#1 Bryan CranstonOften listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
James Gandolfini#2 James GandolfiniHeavily Upvoted
Robin Williams#3 Robin WilliamsHeavily Upvoted
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