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Intense Horror Movie Scenes That Went From Zero To 100

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Horror movies are awesome. They have one-of-a-kind kills, terrifying jump scares, and great twist endings. Some carefully build tension leading up to an ultimate scare, but others include scenes that no one can see coming, leaving even the biggest of horror heads in shock. These out-of-the-blue scenes can be violent, gory, or even a little bit of both. The horror movie scenes listed below happen so quickly, it's hard to mentally prepare yourself for them. 

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  • Florence Pugh stars as Dani in the 2019 thriller Midsommar. After Dani's sister fills their home with carbon monoxide, ending her life and that of their parents, the trauma strains Dani's relationship with her boyfriend. Instead of breaking up, however, the two join his friends at a festival in Sweden - run by a pagan cult.

    During one of the ceremonies, the group of Americans watches two elders of the cult jump off a cliff in an attempt to end their lives. When one survives the fall, the cult quickly finishes him off.

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  • For a school project, a woman and her camera crew film a woman, Deborah, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. As the days pass, her symptoms get worse and worse. However, it's not just the disease that has taken control of Deborah - it's something more demonic. After the entity takes full control of Deborah, the camera team finds Deborah with a child's whole head inside her mouth in an attempt to devour the child.

    Luckily, the child survives, but the scene is shocking, nonetheless. 

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  • In 1982's Poltergeist, the Freeling family is tormented by spirits that haunt their house. Because the spirits seem innocent at first, the family thinks nothing of them until the entities kidnap their young daughter, Carol Anne. 

    The evil spirits then begin to play tricks on the family and anyone else in the house, including Marty, who watches himself in a mirror as he peels his face off in chunks. Luckily, it was only his imagination. 

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  • Falling asleep is definitely not an option in 1984's A Nightmare On Elm Street... unless you want Freddy Krueger to haunt your dreams. Throughout the film, final girl Nancy must do what it takes to help her and her friends from being slain by the Springwood Slasher.

    In the middle of the night, Rod wakes up to find his girlfriend, Tina, shaking in her sleep. She is then dragged up the wall and onto the ceiling by an invisible force, leaving only a trail of blood. It's our first introduction to the franchise's surreal slayings and shows just how nightmarish Krueger can be.

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