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Intense Horror Movie Scenes That Went From Zero To 100

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Horror movies are awesome. They have one-of-a-kind kills, terrifying jump scares, and great twist endings. Some carefully build tension leading up to an ultimate scare, but others include scenes that no one can see coming, leaving even the biggest of horror heads in shock. These out-of-the-blue scenes can be violent, gory, or even a little bit of both. The horror movie scenes listed below happen so quickly, it's hard to mentally prepare yourself for them. 

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    The 2018 psychological thriller Hereditary follows a family as they learn more about their ancestors, and what they discover is pretty terrifying.

    But one scene sticks out as being particularly horrific: Charlie's older brother is driving Charlie home from a party while she suffers an allergic reaction. Unable to breathe, Charlie sticks her head out of the window to try to get some air. Her brother swerves off the road to avoid a deer, causing Charlie to get beheaded by a pole.

    As disturbing as this movie is, this scene stands out as being especially traumatizing.

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  • 2012's Sinister follows a family that moves into a new home in order for the father, Ellison, to find inspiration for his newest book. After discovering a projector and several film reels in his attic, Ellison stops at nothing to uncover the mystery behind "Mr. Boogie," a creepy figure appearing in all of the footage.

    The film reels all show families having their lives ended in different ways, but one stands out as particularly gruesome: the lawn mower scene. It starts out with someone silently mowing the lawn in the night, a small light shining a few inches in front of the mower. Suddenly, a person appears tied up in the machine's path and is then run over.

    Talk about the jump scare of a lifetime.

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    'Mother!' - The Baby Is Eaten

    2017's Mother! follows a couple isolated by the outside world living in a home in the middle of nowhere. Jennifer Lawrence's character (listed as "mother" in the credits) renovates the house while her husband focuses on his writing. Once unexpected guests arrive, things take a turn. Lawrence's husband worries about everyone's needs but hers. 

    While this surreal film can be very frustrating to some viewers, many can agree one of the final scenes was especially jarring: A group of people ends the life of Lawrence's baby, then eats the body. It's gory and violent, and sticks with you long after the credits roll.

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    In 2005's Hostel, two college students, Paxton and Josh, travel to Amsterdam, where they miss their hostel's curfew after spending most of the night at a club. They stay at a friend's apartment for the night, who convinces them to try a hostel in Slovakia, filled with beautiful women. While that is true, the hostel also has a sinister secret: Rich people pay large sums of money to a secretive business that allows them to torture and kill its guests. Once Paxton and Josh find this out, it's too late.

    After being handcuffed to a chair and drilled into, Josh believes he can escape. But when he stands up, he realizes his Achilles tendons have been sliced. He falls to the floor and attempts to crawl to safety, but is soon slain.

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