Amazing Real-Life Superhero Gadgets & Powers

Real-life superpowers exist. The military is developing real Batman armor, real Iron Man style armor, Spider-Man gloves and boots, invisibility cloaks, and people around the world's unique genetic abilities may serve as genetic advancements that could lead medicine to replicate mutagenic superpower abilities in normal people. No, this isn't a new show that gets horrible after one season – it's reality. Here are the greatest superhero technologies, gadgets, and powers that actually exist in real-life.

It may not be too far in the future where a soldier will bring real life Batman suit onto the battlefield. In fact, some ingenious inventors have already made replica batman gadgets for sale. Check out what superhero gear and powers exist in the real world below.

  • Child's Rare Genetic Condition Causes Hulk-like Super Strength


    THE SUPERPOWER: Super strength, impenetrability via genetic mutation.

    Click here for the news report on this child and the genetic condition that gives him super strength.

    Click here for a great video of the child exhibiting his strength (3rd video down).

    A rare genetic condition is giving 3-year-old Liam Hoekstra, Michigan, the ability to eat like a horse and not gain any weight whatsoever, lift large furniture that most adults would have trouble lifting, and increase in muscle strength by just living out his normal life. At 3 years old. He's a toddler.

    His condition was first suspected when he (no foolin' here) was able to walk at an early age... Just how early? Two days. The child was able to walk after only two days of life.

    He can also do the Olympic move called the Iron Cross where they hold themselves up with only their hands.

    The genetic disease/condition that the kid has is called Myostatin-Related Muscle Hypertrophy. There have only been 100 cases of this in the world.

    There's a defect in his genetic code that allows for excessive muscle growth. So the defect blocks the antibody that usually inhibits muscle growth in the human body, so it's almost a double-negative situation in which the disease blocks the blocker, therefore giving the child incredible muscle strength.

    There are no medical downsides and his heart will be unaffected. The only downside is that he eats six enormous meals a day. He also has a six pack, without even really working out, and looks otherwise no different from other children: his muscles are just that much stronger.

    Look at those guns!

    So medically, if they were able to replicate this condition, it would be open to abuse by athletes, but also open for extremely important use by people with diseases like muscular dystrophy.

  • Real Life Daredevil Sees Using Only Sound
    Video: YouTube

    Real Life Daredevil Sees Using Only Sound

    THE SUPERHERO: Daredevil

    THE SUPERPOWER: Sees using only sound, and can therefore "see" better than anyone. Peak physical strength and enhanced hearing, and an insane ability in acrobatics.

    Ben Underwood is a blind boy whose eyes were removed (he lost them to cancer) when he was three, leaving him with absolutely no vision at all.

    He can play video games, he can shoot a great game of basketball, he rides his bike around town (Sacramento, California) and even rollerblades every now and then. He can also find objects around the house for his mom.

    Ben uses many aides for the blind, such as a braille keyboard and sound software to use computers. But according to this report, it's what he doesn't use that makes him remarkable. He doesn't use a seeing eye dog, or even a cane. He emits a moderately loud click with his mouth wherever he goes, which allows him to use the bouncing off of the sound to "hear" his surroundings. He can "see" walls, couches, desks, stairs, and anything else around him. This allows him to move around like someone who could see. This isn't "easy," or even possible for normal people.

    He is the only person in the world who "sees" using only echo-location, kind of like a bat.

    Check out the video for a 10-minute feature on Ben, and his incredible abilities. Now all he needs to do is become a lawyer (like the Daredevil in the comics), and make sure the Ben Affleck doesn't get the rights to his life story.
  • Skin Can Conduct Electricity Like Electro

    SUPERHERO: Electro (alright, so he's a supervillain, but he's a little more recognizable than Black Lightning and Static Shock).

    THE POWER: His skin/body can not only absorb electricity, but can conduct it as well.

    According to the Beijing Sci-Tech Report, a man named Ma Xiangang can fix electrical circuits by using his bare hands. He doesn't wear any safeguards, gloves, or coat his hands in anything. They say, "he can hold a positive wire in one hand and a negative wire in the other and a bulb will light up."

    Of course, anybody could do this with enough electricity, but they would most likely die, or at least convulse.

    Like most superheroes, he discovered his power due to an accident, when he saw that the television he was watching with his wife broke. He went outside to check on the wiring and found a broken wire that he started picking at, touching and twisting it. After he pulled on the wire for a while, he realized that the line was actually live and could have shocked him severely. Knowing this wasn't normal, he boldly touched the power line harder...and he was still not affected.

    Apparently, he can bear 220volts without any damage to his body, which is incredible.

    His powers stem from his horribly, horribly dry skin. Apparently, his hands are much rougher and drier than a normal person's, which allows his skin to act like a pair of insulated gloves. His rough, thick skin prevents most of the electricity from entering his body, which means that what does get through, he absorbs and passes it through a part of his body.

    After learning of his power, he became addicted to touching electricity and learning how to control the voltage passing through his body.

    He now uses his "super power" to conduct electrotherapy and massages.

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  • Can Attract Metal, Like a Magnet
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    Can Attract Metal, Like a Magnet

    THE SUPERHERO: Magneto (who is more of a villain most of the time.)

    THE SUPERPOWER: To attract, control, and stick to metal. Magneto is the master of magnetism and can manipulate metal at will.

    73-year-old Liew Tho Lin of Malaysia has been able to magnetize his skin for the past 10 years. He noticed his ability while working in construction, and his tools started sticking to him while he was shirtless.

    Sort of like the moisture-induced suction of the Spider-Man contraption, Liew Tho's skin has an extra suction property to it that helps metal and other objects stick to his skin.

    He can also pull a one-ton car using an iron suctioned to his stomach, which adds extra coolness to his ability.

    His powers are "not an illusion," scientists said when trying to investigate into Liew Thow's body ability, and while his abilities definitely seem magnetic, they're actually a suction-based nature.

    Click here for the full story and additional pictures of Liew Thow Lin showing off his powers.