Total Nerd The 15 Creepiest Sex Scenes in Superhero Movies  

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When you're a superhero, pretty much every scene starts off with fetish outfits, but that alone isn't creepy enough to make this list of the weirdest, most awkward and outright disturbing sex scenes in comic book movie history. Prepare yourself, because all the rock hard abs and busty babes in the world ain't enough to make THESE scenes sexy...If you're solely looking for a list of superhero movies this might not be the place for you, haha.

Just as an example: how about that Dr Manhattan sex scene, huh? Yeah. Weird.

Here's the deal - superhero sex (or super hero sex if that's how you want to spell it) is innately weird because they're superheroes. Let's all just deal with it for 4 1/2 seconds and enjoy this list.

The Return of Swamp Thing

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Why can't men be more like plants? I mean, you can stroke a plant and it doesn't get the wrong idea."

That's Heather Locklear in Return of The Swamp Thing, in which she apparently wants to stroke men without exciting them sexually. As we soon learn in the course of this film, a young Heather Locklear couldn't even stroke a PLANT without exciting it sexually. But then, she's pretty content with that last part, like at the end of this trailer when Swamp Thing rather astutely points out, "I can't give you the kind of love you want."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm a plant."

"That's okay, I'm a vegetarian."

Then they have sex in one of the oddest love scenes in film history. Heather Locklear literally eats parts of Swamp Thing's body while dreaming of humping some normal-looking guy. It's the kind of sex scene that could warp you for life, and in our case very much did. If this is what kind of erotica movies you're into....I'm sorry.


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Blankman is what one would traditionally consider a "bad movie." Damon Wayans starred as an unrealistically sheltered idiot savant who puts on a costume embarrassingly bad by even the most forgiving of cosplay standards and fights crime in a series of unfunny and often bizarrely sexualized set pieces.

The piece de resistance? This scene, in which Blankman gets what is apparently his first erection, and ostensibly his first orgasm, and reacts like some kind of supervillain has taken control of his body. Somehow his freakish, high-pitched screams are made even more disturbing by his strenuous attempts to control his crotch.

Somehow, this display of immature perversion actually makes love interest Robin Givens MORE attracted to Blankman. Apparently there really is somebody out there for everyone, unlike this film, which was made with nobody in mind. It's so silly it could only appeal to children, but way too perverse to actually show them.

So what were the filmmakers thinking? We're guessing their minds were blank... man.