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Offbeat 10 Greatest Drunk Moments Caught on Security Cameras  

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I've gotta start off by saying I'm not a drinker. I have however, been the designated driver to many parties and trips to the bar. I know that when alcohol gets into someone's system, unexpected, hilarious, dangerous, and sometimes superhuman events can occur. If we're extremely lucky, security cameras get the footage and people without care of human privacy post it online for the world to see. For those people without regard, this list is because of you. Here's a piece of advice for anyone on here: don't get drunk to the point where you're captured on camera.

What drunks got caught on camera? Who are some of the funniest and infamous drunk people who got caught on camera? Take a look at this list and see for yourself.

Drunk In the Back Of A Restaurant

Walking from point A to Point B has never looked more difficult and dangerous than this poor kid, who apparently found his way into the back of the restaurant looking for the bathroom or an exit or something. Let’s hope he was looking for the exit because he spends a lot of time in that office. It’s possible he may have thought he succeeded in his venture. Chairs can look like toilets under certain circumstances, I suppose. He does hang out by the exit for an uncomfortably long time. There’s a lot that could be happening that we’re sadly not seeing.


Drunk Woman Almost Hit By Train

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It turns out that if you’re drunk; sometimes taking a train home isn’t the most brilliant idea. Had it not been for some fast acting people, this would be a graphic video of a woman being crushed. The woman seems fine when she's leaning against the wall smoking. It's once she begins to walks that she begins to show any signs of drunkenness. Then she stumbles and falls onto the train tracks. Immediately people run over and begin waving (and hollering we can assume) for the train to stop. The train literally stops just inches from her and she is pulled safely back onto the platform. The people in the video are heroes, and thanks to security cameras, we get to see a pretty impressive close call.

Drunk Kid Passes Out

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Video: YouTube
College is hard. You’ve got plenty of homework, parties and girls to date rape. Our main character in this particular video seems to have partied hard and forgot his entrance card. Immediately admitting defeat, he falls asleep in the doorway. The first group of students attempt to wake him up before they go back indoors, but he is out cold. The second guy simply walks by without paying any mind. At 6:10, our character finally wakes up, still staggering and forgetting the entire scenario once again attempts to open the locked door. Much like the characters in the Sci-fi film Cube, our friend is stuck in a puzzle that he can’t get out of. Finally, at 7:45, someone enters and gives him yet another chance to enter the building, to which he unexplainably declines and continues to stand in the doorway.

Alcohol Test

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Video: YouTube
After being arrested for what we will assume is public intoxication, our portly drunk sits down without much problem. However, issues arise when he drops his ID. As he bends down, he stumbles a little and proceeds to fall into a wall, leaving a nice sized hole. Our patient police officer lifts him up and attempts to finish filling out the forms. Unfortunately, our drunk friend physically cannot stand up any longer and crumbles to the floor.