funny 10 Hilarious Viral Videos Starring Dogs (Vol. 1)  

Robert Wabash
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Let's fact the facts: everyone LOVES dogs. What's even better than your run of the mill dog? A dog that is absolutely HILARIOUS! These furry creatures are the funniest of the lot, doing funny things that only dogs can do.

Have you ever seen a dog's face when he or she sticks her face out of a moving car window? Or even better, have you seen a dog make running on a treadmill look easy? One can only wonder what his master thought of seeing his pooch run like the wind, especially while dressed up like a star.

If these videos don't make you bust up laughing, then there is little else in the world that will. So sit back, relax, maybe even bring your dog close to the screen to take a peek at 10 Hilarious Viral Videos featuring dogs.  
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This "Talking" Dog Wants Bacon but Gets Played by Owner

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A Compilation of Dogs Too High To Function

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A Hilarious Compilation of Dogs Sticking Their Faces Out of a Window

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This Swaggy Dog Makes Running On a Treadmill Look Easy

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