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Some people in history are notorious for spilling blood in... eccentric ways. Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler may have partly inspired the legend of Dracula, but there are other real life people who have committed grave murders in order to satisfy this eccentric blood thirst. Here are the most famous real life vampires in history, courtesy of Joule's Taylor's book on Vampires.
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The countess of Hungary thought to have had 600 servant girls murdered so that she could bathe in her blood, believing that this practice will preserve her youth. She was later arrested and tried, then punished by being walled up in her room with only a slit for slipping food and water in. She died after 4 years in this state. see more on Elizabeth Báthory
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The infamous "Vampire of Dusseldorf," Kurten was an abused child, and perhaps he suffered from mental illness. He is said to have committed a series of murders from 1929 to 1930, ranging from young girls to older women. He also claimed to have drunk the blood of at least one of his victims. He was arrested in 1930 and guillotined in 1931. see more on Peter Kürten
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"The Vampire of Hanover" is thought to have killed 27 boys, luring them to his apartment and biting their necks. What is shocking is that he was a police informant, while the police did nothing to investigate and stop his murderous activities. He also was guillotined after his arrest, in 1925. see more on Fritz Haarmann
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He is dubbed "The French Ripper" in comparison to Jack the Ripper of London. A drifter, with a trademark appearance of rabbit fur hat and accordion, he would kill at least 11 people, many of them young shepherds in the field. He was caught after unsuccessfully attacking a woman, who fought back and called other people, ant they pinned Vacher down. Guillotined on New Year's Eve 1898.  see more on Joseph Vacher