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10 Things To Know About Tornadoes

Many of us have seen the kind of terrifying power a tornado can wield on TV, and a few of us have even lived through one of these twisters. These storms possess an almost god-like presence in the media and our minds. They are dramatic, deafening columns that descend from the sky and obliterate everything in their path. But what are the essentials you need to know about tornadoes?

We still don't know as much about these killer storms as we'd like, but what we've learned in the past 60 years has brought us a lot closer to hopefully, one day, being able to detect them in time to save more lives. This list tries to break down the facts and data we have learned about tornadoes. 

Read through the list below to get educated about tornadoes and check out this list of the worst tornadoes in history to see the damage these scary storms can do.