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Every Tuesday, new DVDs come out; while most of them are feature films, there's always at least one or two TV shows that get released. Week after week I (and many other people) hope to find these shows sitting on the "New Release" shelf and are time and time again disappointed. It can be frustrating, even infuriating that you can't get these shows, but hopefully in due time they will eventually be released.

Here's to hoping the simple act of blogging and posting lists will make a difference (you know, because online petitions are always successful too).

What TV shows aren't available on DVD? This list will give you that answer.

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This is pretty much the top of everyone's list of TV Shows that should be on DVD, but with good reason. The show speaks to a generation of kids who grew up watching it on TV or Nick At Nite Reruns.

The show stars Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold (while Daniel Stern provided grown-up Kevin's voice over) as he goes through his childhood in Cleveland, Ohio circa 1968 as he struggles with his friendships, relationships and 60's culture.

The show hasn't been released on DVD mostly due to licensing reasons. The closest we've come to it has been in 1998 when Anchor Bay released four episodes on VHS. Hopefully if people stress a desire for this to be on DVD, our prayers will finally be answered (consider me helping the cause now officially).

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Boy Meets World was one of the more popular TGIF shows. For 7 years we grew up side by side with Corey Matthews and his friends and family. The show had a short life on DVD on 2004 when the first three seasons were released. When the sales didn't match Disney's expectations they stopped releasing them all together.

What Disney didn't understand (but Boy Meets World fans did) was that the show never really picked up steam till roughly Season 4 when the characters became Juniors in High School. This gave us memorable moments like the "Scream" parody; Chickens being loose in the hallway; "Underpants".

There is a light at the end of the tunnel on this particular pick. In 2008 Lionsgate picked up the rights to the show. September 7th, 2010 they will be re-releasing the first 3 seasons on DVD again, let's hope this time they continue through and give us seasons 4-7.

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Releasing a Talk show on DVD doesn't seem like an idea that would immediately make sense, but Late Night with Conan O'Brien was not your regular talk show. Conan filled his hour with bizarre characters, memorable sketches and arguably the best interviews in the business. You can purchase the Conan's 10 year anniversary and the Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on DVD but that's the extent of his life on Home Video.

Conan never had the ratings of carson or letterman or leno, but he did have a stronger fanbase than any of them combined. Conan's popularity only sky-rocketed after he was wrongly removed as the host of the Tonight Show. It all ended on a bad note between NBC and Conan. This could be the biggest reason that we may never see a DVD release of this talk show's 16 year run.

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Before Shia LaBeouf was a household name, he played Louis Stevens in the incredibly under-appreciated Disney original series "Even Stevens".

Even Stevens followed the lives of the Stevens family, specifically the brainy oldest sister Ren and the prank-full and scheming brother Louis. Episodes were always fun and ridiculous such as the episode where Louis pledges to stay in bed for 48 hours to raise money for a local charity or when he attempts to eat the worlds biggest burger to get his picture on the wall at the restaurant.

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