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10 Walking Dead Comic Scenes That Were Too Graphic For TV

Updated August 24, 2020 203.6k views10 items
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If you only watch The Walking Dead on TV and haven't read the comic book series, you really have no idea how dark and twisted this universe really is. Sure, there are some dark moments on the show, but the comic books make The Walking Dead on AMC look like iZombie. This list looks at the most gruesome Walking Dead moments that were way too graphic for TV, including sexual scenes, as well as scenes with gratuitous violence.

One factor that sets the comic series and the TV series apart is how often characters hook up. There is a lot of sexual activity in the comic series, with juicy hookups left and right that you don't see in the show. However, an even bigger difference between the two mediums is how graphic and violent the comic books are when compared to their TV equivalent.

This list will be updated once Season 7 airs, as there are definitely some upcoming scenes that you can almost guarantee won't make it to television.
  • Michonne Giving Tyreese a Blow Job

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    There are many romances and hookups in The Walking Dead comic series that never made it into the show (the comic series is actually very sexually graphic at points). One of those storylines involves Michonne driving a wedge between Tyreese and Carol by seducing Tyreese and giving him oral sex on a basketball court. Pretty easy to see why this scene didn't make it into the show, and it's not because nerds don't like basketball.
  • Abraham's Death by Arrow

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    If you've seen all of Season 6 of the TV series, you know that Negan has finally arrived. in the Season 6 cliffhanger, Negan lines up Rick's group and announces he's going to execute one of them in retaliation for killing his men. Although Abraham is one of the characters who might be getting killed, in the comic series he would have already been dead, thanks to taking an arrow through his eye at the hands of Dwight (one of Negan's men). Abraham's death has a huge impact on everyone in Alexandria, with Rick acknowledging that they are much worse off without the muscle of Abraham.
  • Carol Committing Suicide

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    In The Walking Dead comics, Carol is a young, attractive woman (as opposed to an old attractive woman) and goes through a lot of ups and downs, particularly with her social interactions with the group. After being cheated on by Tyreese and denied a threesome situation with Rick and Lori (yes, that actually happens), Carol decides to kill herself by walking up to a zombie and simply letting it bite her throat.
  • Carl Killing Shane as a Human Instead of as a Zombie

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    In the television series Shane shoots dead during a raid to save his own life, but in the comic series Shane never makes it out of the initial camp alive. Shane's jealousy and subsequent unraveling occurs much faster in the comics, and he and Rick's confrontation happens well before the group ever reaches the farm. It's true that Carl shoots Shane in both the comic books and the show, but in the comics Shane is still a human being - not a walker - when Carl shoots him. It's hard to say if this was avoided because AMC wanted Shane's life prolonged, or because they didn't want Carl to be so cold-hearted right off the bat, but either way it didn't make it to the show in its original form.