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10 Walking Dead Comic Scenes That Were Too Graphic For TV

If you only watch The Walking Dead on TV and haven't read the comic book series, you really have no idea how dark and twisted this universe really is. Sure, there are some dark moments on the show, but the comic books make The Walking Dead on AMC look like iZombie. This list looks at the most gruesome Walking Dead moments that were way too graphic for TV, including sexual scenes, as well as scenes with gratuitous violence.

One factor that sets the comic series and the TV series apart is how often characters hook up. There is a lot of sexual activity in the comic series, with juicy hookups left and right that you don't see in the show. However, an even bigger difference between the two mediums is how graphic and violent the comic books are when compared to their TV equivalent.

This list will be updated once Season 7 airs, as there are definitely some upcoming scenes that you can almost guarantee won't make it to television.