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10 Walking Dead Comic Scenes That Were Too Graphic For TV

If you only watch The Walking Dead on TV and haven't read the comic book series, you really have no idea how dark and twisted this universe really is. Sure, there are some dark moments on the show, but the comic books make The Walking Dead on AMC look like iZombie. This list looks at the most gruesome Walking Dead moments that were way too graphic for TV, including sexual scenes, as well as scenes with gratuitous violence.

One factor that sets the comic series and the TV series apart is how often characters hook up. There is a lot of sexual activity in the comic series, with juicy hookups left and right that you don't see in the show. However, an even bigger difference between the two mediums is how graphic and violent the comic books are when compared to their TV equivalent.

This list will be updated once Season 7 airs, as there are definitely some upcoming scenes that you can almost guarantee won't make it to television.
  • The Governor Raping Michonne

    Photo: Image Comics
    In the comic series, Rick, Michonne and Glenn are all captured and held hostage by The Governor. After Michonne fails to make a good first impression for Woodbury's leader, things get dark ridiculously fast. The Governor instructs one of his men to spread Michonne's legs and tie them up, and what happens next is downright shocking. He brutally rapes and physically assaults Michonne for extended periods of time, all while a sickened Glenn has to listen in horror from the room next door. If this makes you feel sick to your stomach, look at #2 on this list and you might start to feel better.
  • Michonne's Revenge on The Governor

    Photo: Image Comics

    Did The Governor really think he could do what he did to Michonne and get away with it? After escaping and retrieving her sword, everyone's favorite slasher stops by The Governor's room to get her sweet revenge. What happens next is almost indescribable, but here are the highlights. *Ahem* - she nails his penis to a wooden board, cuts his arm off, blow-torches the open wound, and then shoves a spoon up his ass before digging out one of his eyeballs with it. Can you imagine what this show would be like if HBO hadn't passed on it?

    P. S. She also cuts his off his penis at the end of it all, which is one of the weirdest things that's ever made you happy.
  • Lori and Baby Judith's Death

    Photo: Image Comics
    AMC really softened up Lori's death by having her die during childbirth in the television series. In the comics her death is much more brutal, and occurs while the group is fleeing the prison in wake of an attack by The Governor and his people. Lori is blasted with a shotgun by a random woman in The Governor's camp, who seemingly instantly regrets killing Lori after discovering she was carrying a child (Judith). As you can see in the strip above, Rick turns around and sees the dead Lori as he's fleeing with Carl, and warns him not to turn around and look.
  • The Decapitation of Hershel's Daughters

    Photo: Image Comics
    Poor Hershel. This man just can't catch a break, both in the TV series and in the comics. However, in the comics Hershel has way more children, resulting in that much more heartbreak when almost all of them eventually die. One of the inmates that Rick's group encounters while staying at the prison is Thomas Richards, who hides from the group that he was sent to prison for murdering his wife. The group learns the hard way that Richards is a psychopath when they discover the bodies of Susie and Rachel Greene, Hershel's youngest daughters, both dead with their severed heads next to their bodies. Bad Thomas, bad!