60+ Awesomely Geeky Manicures

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Who says geeks can't have rock star nails? Sure, a few manicures on this list might hinder your ability to button mash, but it doesn't mean you can't get totally inspired to make your own nail flair. Check out these awesome tributes to geek and pop culture via the very hot trend of nail art - from Totoro to Pac Man, and from understated to flat out ridiculous.

Whether it's a year-round look, a Comic-Con necessity, or just eye candy, these geeky nails have all the best nerd stuff, well, nailed (sorry). Which is your favorite manicure on the list? Which nails are the artsiest, the best tribute to geekdom, and have the coolest conceptually? Which of these manis would you rock?

Most divisive: Batman and Robin