Every Single Movie On Rotten Tomatoes With 100% Approval, Ranked

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There are more 100% fresh movies on Rotten Tomatoes than you might think. Sure, some people think Rotten Tomatoes is bad and some of these top-rated flicks don't have a lot of reviews to guarantee their perfection, but you can bet they're among the best movies on Rotten Tomatoes. Some of them are more modern blockbusters like The Terminator and Toy Story, but many are classic films you probably haven't seen, but should. After all, who doesn't need more Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin in their lives?

Don't forget that while you're perusing some of the best reviewed Rotten Tomatoes movies on this list, there are also plenty of stinkers that earned themselves a big fat 0% on the popular aggregate site. Earning a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes doesn't guarantee success at the box office, or reserve a spot among the best movies of all time. But, each and every one of these films is a critical favorite that deserves at least a few hours of your time.

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