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11 Awesome Things In The 1908 Sears Catalog

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The 1908 Sears Catalog features a lot of awesome nonsense. This list represents a lot of time and trouble, a monumental effort undertaken to pull out some of the gems that not only harken back to a day before electronic gadgets (sweet, sweet electronic gadgets) but to a day when marketing was the opposite of slick. That is, a day when a catalog blurb was as long as a small novel and used phrases like, "It will be readily appreciated by you." 

Also, the artwork is phenom. By the time you finish looking through the best of the 1908 Sears, Roebuck catalog, you'll wish they still made catalogs like this. Honestly, you won't regret taking a stroll back to the early 20th century with this list. It will be readily appreciated by you!

  • Double-Bolted For Extra Safety

    Photo: Sears

    Good news, ladies. Good news.

  • Women Need Skeletons On The Outside Too

    Photo: Sears

    Certainly, the first thing you think of when you look at this image is the word "comfort." But hey! Look here: "It is a proper and comfortable brace for fat people. A large abdomen is often reduced a few inches a month as a result of relief afforded by the brace to the stretched and overloaded muscles."

    Wait, you can lose weight by wearing something that holds your fat in? And for only $1.89, ladies!

  • Fits Anywhere!

    Photo: Sears

    We assume that if, for some unimaginable reason, this didn't fit in your bathroom, you could maybe put it in the middle of the living room?

  • A Series Of Tubes

    Photo: Sears

    Yeah, people were hard of hearing back in the day, too. Certainly, it's not right to begrudge anyone the ability to hear what's being said. The title "Conversation Tubes" is completely awesome, however. Everyone needs to find a way to work that into normal conversation. Or maybe name their band Conversation Tubes.

    Give it a try if you have a band. Or maybe start one just for this.