The 11 Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World

The top bicycle friendly cities are the best cities in the world in which to travel around on your bike. Tons of people ride their bicycles during the day in these bicycle friendly cities. Tourists can take in a different side of the city lifestyle by biking while residents of these locales can save money on gas, help the environment and improve their health by biking over driving with ease.

Biking provides a different perspective from those who choose to drive or use public transportation. Cyclists get to notice the small things: the smell of fresh baked bread from the bakery across the street, the conversations of other bikers on the road. Not to mention, cyclists don't have to worry about finding healthy foods to eat in these bicycle friendly cities because they can burn off all those pesky calories by riding.

These bicycle friendly cities stretch around the world with Amsterdam, in North Holland, taking the top spot as the best for those pedaling on two wheels. While other European destinations join Amsterdam on the list, plenty of American cities do as well. Portland, Oregon, Boulder, Colorado, and San Francisco, California, all are welcoming to cyclists.