READ The 11 Craziest WhiteHouse.Gov Petitions to Date  

JF Sargent
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When the White House launched its online petition function at nobody thought that the President would take it seriously. After popular petitions hit the news last year, here are some of the funniest, most insane, and surprisingly popular to date. You need about 250,000 electronic signatures to get noticed, and some of these have gotten farther than that or have even surpassed that goal. So here they are in one place, from the famous petition declaring a desire to build a working Death Star, to the one where people wanted to deport Piers Morgan for believing in gun control.

This is a list of White House petitions that have been made by the insane, the hilarious or the people who fall somewhere in between.

Make “The Rock” the Official Movie of America!


Now, we all love The Rock, because it’s basically two of the most ridiculous male leads in film history (Nick Cage and Sean Connery) talking sh*t to each other for two hours, while Ed Harris goes completely insane in the background (because that’s what he does).

But Official Movie of America? What does that even mean? Who gets to f*ck the Prom Queen?

Did I sign it?: Yes, but if we win I’ll pass on the Prom Queen thing. I’m a bit old for that.


Give Joe Biden a Reality TV Show!


Did I Sign It?: Are you kidding? I’ve already come up with some titles.

 photo BidenProperSize2_zps405ee971.jpg

 photo BidenProperSize_zps066f2daa.jpg

 photo BidenMyTime_zps41d2d4ab.jpg


Just Come Clean About the Aliens Already!


Not only do these people know that aliens exist and that we’re interacting with them, but they know enough to speculate on the outcome of going public with it. That’s amazing, because while all the things they list sound nice, they don’t seem to be considering other possibilities.

I really feel like it could go either way.

Did I Sign It?: If the US Government has encountered aliens, I say we a) take off and nuke the entire site from orbit because it’s the only way to be sure, or b) butt out and call it even. What’re we even talking about this for?

No, I didn’t sign it.


Be More Racist!


Haha, yeah! Remember when they passed all those laws saying that white people are only allowed to marry non-white people? Remember how only black people are allowed to live in Africa? Remember how only Asian people are allowed to live in Asia?

Yeah, a lot’s happened in the past few years in the minds of clinically insane people. Because that’s exactly what this is -- if you’re legitimately worried about white people being “blended out of existence,” then it doesn’t matter what I say next, because the meddly of fart-kazoo noises and whatever-sound-Satan-makes-when-he-burps-the-alphabet that makes up what should be the rational thought part of your brain has already drowned everything else out.

Did I Sign It? Naw, man.