12 Funniest 'Oh Nooo!' Moments of Bruce the Performance Artist

Arguably the funniest recurring character on Family Guy, the gay character "Bruce" (voiced by Mike Henry) steals just about any scene he's in. In most of his scenes the other characters just stare at him as he utters his catchphrase "oh no" or as he creeps the hell out of everybody in the funniest possible way. Bruce is involved in numerous funny Family Guy moments and is just one of the best characters on the hilarious animated Fox series.

So, from the best Bruce Family Guy scenes to Bruce's voice being lent to some random animal or creature on the show, here are his funniest moments and the best Family Guy Bruce quotes.

  • Mayor Bee

    Mayor Bee
    Video: YouTube
    In this episode, a bee threatens to sting Peter and Chris, and then changes his mind due to practicality. Stick around for the whole clip when the bee flies into the mayor's office.
  • Missing Baby

    Missing Baby
    Video: YouTube

    To start us off, why don't we get a feeling for his catchphrase. "Oooh noooo" is what he's known for saying and it's really because nobody can deliver it like he can. We won't explain these clips too much as they speak for themselves.

    In this scene, the police come by notifying the neighborhood about a missing baby in the episode where Stewie is wanted for murder.

    Bruce informs his partner that the baby is missing.

    Now, onto the good stuff.
  • Alien & Little Mouth

    Alien & Little Mouth
    Video: YouTube
    A lampoon on one of the final scenes of Alien, Bruce's voice is lent to what looks like a Queen alien who stops Ripley (the Sigourney Weaver character) dead in her tracks at the worst possible moment.
  • Poops in Your Kix

    Poops in Your Kix
    Video: YouTube

    Another undeniably creepy voice by Bruce, this clip starts with Meg telling Chris they need a rodent trap to get rid of the giant mutant rat.

    The rat comes out and, obviously, it is voiced by Mike Henry in a "Bruce" fashion. The rat comes out and tells them that after they fall asleep, he's going to do something that rats 100% DO. EVERY TIME.

    This is not only a hilarious delivery of these lines, but one of those "this happened to you too?" moments that Family Guy's slowly become so good at.
  • Jaws 5: Fire Island

    Jaws 5: Fire Island
    Video: YouTube

    By far the most WTF Bruce moment, in this scene he's a shark that's debating the health benefits of eating two gay men in the movie that Peter is watching called Jaws 5: Fire Island.

    If we had the inner monologue of the shark from Jaws' throughout its other horrible sequels, it really wouldn't have been as bad. This whole bit wouldn't have been as funny without Bruce's voice.
  • Alan's Dog

    Alan's Dog
    Video: YouTube

    In Blue Harvest, Family Guy's Star Wars episode (the first one), Bruce plays the role of Admiral Piett from Star Wars.

    Piett (Bruce) asks Stewie, as Darth Vader, what the Rebel Alliance did to him in the first place. Stewie tells them that they stole his neighbor Alan's dog.