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13 Hilariously Embarrassing Tweets by Politicians

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You don't have to search very far to find hilarious political Twitter fails, especially as more and more politicians join the social media bandwagon. Not every legislator can be as cool as Cory Booker or as awesome at selfies as Hilary Clinton. Even the sharpest politicians are destined to send out an embarrassing tweet now and again. 

From "accidental" confessions to awkward typos, politicians have made some of the biggest Twitter gaffes in history. Some end in mild embarrassment, others in resignation. All of them are totally hilarious. What are the absolute worst Tweets by politicians? 

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    Yvette Clarke Honors Abraham Lincoln

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Nope. Sorry, NY rep Yvette Clarke. #Lincoln was, in fact, our 16th president. 

    (Source politwhoops.sunlightfoundation.com)
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    Juan Vargas Has Thoughts About Children

    We're pretty sure California rep Juan Vargas was trying to say "exploitation." 

    (Source politwhoops.sunlightfoundation.com)
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    Anthony Weiner Gets Hacked

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    They were the Tweets seen 'round the world. Perhaps the most famous occasion of political Tweeting gone wrong, the Senator's Weiner-photos made headlines in May 2011 when they were made public on his Twitter account. Weiner claimed he had been hacked, but later admitted that he'd been exchanging explicit photos (like the crotch shots he accidentally Tweeted) with six women. The sexting scandal eventually led to his resignation. 

    (Source NBC New York)
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    Raul Labrador Likey 2 Broke Girls

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    According to Rep. Raul Labrador's camp, this candid tweet was accidentally posted by a staffer, and is not an admission of the Congressman's terrible taste in TV shows. It came shortly after an episode of the CBS sitcom which showed the two young stars danced around a stripper pole, and shortly before the congressman's spokesman, Phil Hardy, was fired.  

    (Source politwhoops.sunlightfoundation.com)
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