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12 Reasons Homer Was A Great Dad - Sponsored By Turned Yellow

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On the surface, Homer J. Simpsons might not seem like the greatest father running around Springfield. After all, he's missed birthdays, he's gotten drunk at Moe's more times than anyone can count, and he vocally hates his daughter's saxophone playing. He seems like a bad dad, doesn't he? Well, there's a lot more to Homer Simpson than meets the eye, and thanks to the 639 episodes (and counting), there's a lot to dig through to see what a great father Homer actually is.

This list highlights the reasons why Homer isn't the world's worst dad, and you'll see, he really does care for his kids (the constant choking of his son, notwithstanding). Take a look at them down below, and you might just change your mind on whether or not Homer is an outstanding father after all.

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  • He Got A Second Job To Pay For Lisa's Pony

    Pretty much every father in the world goes through a time with their little girl, where all she wants in the world is a pony. Unfortunately, most people living in the suburbs can't keep a pony, so a stuffed animal will have to do. That's not how it went down in the Simpsons' house, and when Homer realized that the only thing in the world that could make Lisa happy was a pony, he got her one.

    What's more, he took on a second job, working at the Kwik-e-Mart so that he could pay for it. While this worked for a little while, the stress and strain of working two full-time jobs took its toll. In the end, Lisa came to understand her father's sacrifice and willingly gave up her pony to keep her father from going off the deep end. This was a great example of Homer's status as an amazing father, but it also highlighted Lisa's maturity.

  • He Refused To Hand Bobo Back To Mr. Burns

    In the Citizen Kane-inspired episode, "Rosebud," Mr. Burns searches for Bobo, his long, lost teddy bear from his childhood. It was eventually found in a bag of ice from the Kwik-E-Mart, having been previously frozen in an iceberg the store sourced for its ice. This places Bobo into the hands of one Maggie Simpson, and the little girl absolutely loved the ratty, old bear.

    Eventually, Mr. Burns learns that the bear is now in the hands of the youngest Simpson, so he asks for its return. When Homer saw how much his daughter loved the bear, he refused, so Burns offered him an insane amount of money. While that cash could have helped the family, Homer refused, realizing that his daughter's happiness was far more important than money. It wasn't easy, but he refused.

    In the end, Maggie hands the bear over after seeing how much more Mr. Burns needed him than she did. The episode ends in 1,000,000 AD when a robotic Mr. Burns finds the bear once more under a pile of rocks (amidst some apes).

  • He Pretended To Be A Robot To Make Bart Happy

    Homer is a lot of things, but classically intelligent isn't one of them. The guy had a crayon shoved into his brain for most of his life and isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. That said, he doesn't want his children to think him a fool, so when Bart asked him to help design a battle bot for the television show Robot Rumble, he gave it his best. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it happen, so he did the next best thing: he created a robot suit and crawled inside.

    He ended up going on the show with Bart and took part in the action. Now, the fact that he wasn't smart enough to make a robot is one thing, but only an idiot would hop inside a battle bot suit and fight against real, lethal machines. Homer did that, and he didn't do it for his own personal glory; he did it because he knew that's what Bart needed him to do. He may not be smart, but you can't deny that he loves his children.