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12 Reasons Homer Was A Great Dad - Sponsored By Turned Yellow

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On the surface, Homer J. Simpsons might not seem like the greatest father running around Springfield. After all, he's missed birthdays, he's gotten drunk at Moe's more times than anyone can count, and he vocally hates his daughter's saxophone playing. He seems like a bad dad, doesn't he? Well, there's a lot more to Homer Simpson than meets the eye, and thanks to the 639 episodes (and counting), there's a lot to dig through to see what a great father Homer actually is.

This list highlights the reasons why Homer isn't the world's worst dad, and you'll see, he really does care for his kids (the constant choking of his son, notwithstanding). Take a look at them down below, and you might just change your mind on whether or not Homer is an outstanding father after all.

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  • He Sold Something Special To Enter Lisa Into A Beauty Pageant

    Every father thinks their daughter is the most beautiful in the world. Still, there are child beauty pageants, making it possible for a father to prove their claims. Beauty pageants for children are a bit iffy, at best, but when Lisa decided she wanted to compete in one, Homer supported her decision. He believed it might help her self-confidence, but there was a problem.

    There was a rather sizable entry fee for the pageant, so he sold the only thing he could: his ride on the Duff blimp. This was something that Homer was looking forward to for a long time, and it would have fulfilled a lifelong dream. Still, when push came to shove, he gave up the ticket to cover the entrance fee. Homer's feelings for her daughter were at the forefront of this episode.

    When Marge warned him that he was looking at Lisa through a father's eyes, implying that just because he sees her as beautiful, that doesn't mean everyone else would, he said, "If I could gouge out somebody else’s eyes and shove them into my sockets, I would, but to me, she’s beautiful."

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  • Homer Gave Up A Lot To Buy Lisa's Saxophone

    Homer doesn't like or appreciate the music Lisa plays with her saxophone. Maybe he has a bad ear for music, or maybe he just hates Jazz. Whatever the reason, he's not a fan. Regardless, she wouldn't have the saxophone were it not for her father, and he's had to sacrifice something two times to get it for her. The first sax he bought Lisa came at the cost of buying an air conditioner for the house.

    He purchased it when a shrink informed him that Lisa was gifted and she needed a creative outlet. Years later, Homer accidentally destroyed the sax, so he sacrificed once more to replace it. Granted, he did destroy it, but he could have rented one or tried a less-expensive instrument. He didn't do that and went ahead and replaced the sax instead of getting the AC. 

    Both of Lisa's saxophones were inscribed by her father, though it doesn't come up often on the show. The first sax read, "Never forget that your daddy loves D’oh!" The second (replacement) saxophone had the inscription, "May your new saxophone bring you many years of D’oh!"

  • Homer Gave Up His Dream Job For His Second Daughter

    In the episode, "And Maggie Makes Three," Bart and Lisa find that there aren't any baby pictures of Maggie. Granted, she's still a baby (going on 30+ years), but her photos weren't placed inside a baby book. The reason for this is rather heartwarming, and it has to do with the fact that Maggie was an unplanned pregnancy. When she was conceived, Homer had given up his job at the nuclear power plant to take on his dream job at a bowling alley.

    When he found out his wife was pregnant with another child, he had to do something about it. The bowling alley wasn't going to cut it in terms of finances, so he had to go crawling back, on his hands and knees, to beg Mr. Burns for his job. Ultimately, Burns relented and gave him back his job, but it came with something new. Above his workstation, Burns placed a sign reading, "Don't forget: you're here forever." Homer placed all of Maggie's baby pictures over the letters until the sign read, "Do it for her."