Graveyard Shift 14 Nauseating and Outrageous Sex Acts from Marquis De Sade's 120 Days of Sodom  

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SPOILER ALERT: This is NSFL, NSFW, NSFHC (human consumption). Maybe stop now if you value decency or have any faith in humanity. Base defilers and true nihilists, proceed. 

You’re not ready for this collection of nauseating sex acts from the Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom. Perhaps you dismiss the Marquis as a relic of history, a tame thinker who gave birth to forms of sexual and violent discourse that have become radically more depraved in recent years. Yet to underestimate his nimble, villainous mind would be a grave mistake. Unless your home library contains snuff films, the violating menagerie of perversion on display in the Marsquis's work might well penetrate to your core, and plant seditious seeds of malignance in the moral center of your being. 

If you’re not sure whether reading the sexual fantasies of a Frenchman who puts the SM in BDSM is right for you, here's your trigger warning. If you keep reading, you'll encounter things that will make you want to give your brain an acid bath. These outrageous sex acts and depraved passages of nauseating violence from 120 Days of Sodom involve amateur surgery without anesthetic, infanticide, necrophilia, and so much feces and rape you'll either become completely numb or puke your guts out. 

All the passages below come from 120 Days of Sodom, a book seemingly conceived solely for the sake of stringing together as many gut-churningly graphic descriptions of sexual violence as possible. The narrative revolves around a group of noblemen who, along with eight "f*ckers" (empty-headed studs with giant pricks, one "endowed with a member eight and one-quarter inches round by thirteen long. Nothing more beautiful nor more majestic has ever been seen") subject sex slaves to relentless psychological and physical torture over the course of 120 days. The book is the basis for one of the most notorious movies ever made, Pier Passolini's Salo.

A Hearty Meal of 200 Lashes, an Appetizer of Unwashed Tossed Salad, and a Turd for Desert

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Much of 120 Days of Sodom is told as a stories within stories, a device that creates a phenomenally confusing narrative framework wherein it's often hard to tell which pronoun is referring to which character. Some of it is numbered journal entries; other times, characters tell one another stories they were told by other characters. But narrative cohesion isn't what the Marquis de Sade is famous for. 

One story-within-a-story tells of a man who made two unusual requests before sexual encounters, which he premeditated by a week:

(A) Those he slept with could not bathe for an entire week before sex. 

(B) Those he slept with were required to soak three cat-o-nine tail whips in a bucket of sh*t and urine for a week before sex. 

When the man arrived for his sexual encounter, he went about sniffing all his partner's unwashed holes, then licked them clean, between bouts of being whipped rotten with the crap-and-urine soaked whips.

The encounter climaxes thus: "I unleashed my turd. It shot squarely into his face, he fell back, exclaimed that I was an insolent creature, and discharged while frigging himself... he had received at least two hundred lashes."

A Litany of Nauseating Violence Wrought on Pregnant Women and Newborn Babies

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A portion of 120 Days of Sodom, called "The 150 Criminal Passions," is a numbered, annotated list of... well, criminal passions. Another way to describe it might be, a litany of misogynist violence and sex crimes. The list contains multiple acts of violence toward pregnant women, not uncommon for a writer who litters his tales with scenes of men frigging themselves in front, or to images, of expectant mothers. 

Item 98 on the list reads, "He opens the veins in one arm and bleeds her until she faints." This item is annotated thus: "Curval suggests they bleed Constance because of her pregnancy; and she is bled, until she collapses...."

Another passage describes a pregnant woman tied to a wheel, ready to be beaten, and her mother forced to sit beneath the wheel, mouth open, to eat anything that flows from the body of the beaten woman, be it blood, urine, feces, or a miscarried fetus. In another tableau, women have their babies taken away, and if they cannot pick them out of a group of newborns, the children are sliced up with a sword. This is after the women have their newborns tied around their necks by the umbilical cord and are left without food for days, to see whether they will eat their own children to survive. 

Item 93 is short and to the point: "He likes to trample on a pregnant woman until she aborts. Prior to this, he whips her." Far more detailed, Item 143 describes a pregnant woman nailed to a table, with nails driven through her eyes and mouth, before having her nipples and genitals burned and a giant spike driven through her stomach: "it undoes mother and child."

The Demise of Augustine, the 15-Year-Old Angel Raped with a Scalpel and Lit on Fire

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You know you're in for something genuinely horrible when the Marquis de Sade writes "Augustine's agonies are unheard of." 

Augustine's agonies stem from the sadists of 120 Days of Sodom performing "surgery" on her; or, slicing her to pieces in vomitous fashion (after, by the way, she's been forced to endure months of rape and watching others be raped and murdered). Her throat is cut open and her tongue pulled out the hole, which the men have a good laugh about. Her one remaining breast (a story for another day) is broiled, and then the truly unspeakable stuff happens. You might want to stop reading. Or grab a barf bag or religious totem and say a prayer. 

Wielding a scalpel, the Duc de Blangis shoves his hand into Augustine's vagina and slices through the partition between her birth canal and anus. Then "... he throws the scalpel aside, reintroduces his hand, and rummaging through her entrails, forces her to sh*t through her c*nt, another amusing stunt..."

To finish Augustine off, the men cut off her ears, burn her nostrils, pour burning wax in her eyes, hang her by the hair, tie stones to her feet, and drop her. The top of her head rips off, and the Duc de Blangis rapes her one final time before cutting her stomach open and lighting her guts on fire. 

"Twas only then her soul fled her body; at the age of fifteen years and eight months thus perished one of the most heavenly creatures ever formed by Nature's hand. Etc. Her eulogy." 

The Beatific Septuagenarian and His Cherished Poop Bucket

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For some levity, how 'bout the story of an old man who lovingly fondled a massive pot of sh*t while trying in vain to get some blood flowing in his fetid, limp citadel? 

The tale starts with "... a chamber pot we had been busy filling for four days and in which there must have been at least a dozen large turds." An old man of 70 closes himself in the room with the poop bucket while those who filled the bucket watch through a hole in the wall. He snatches up the chamber pot, which he knows to "be brimming with the goodies he has ordered for his sport." 

After "gazing lovingly" into the bucket of sh*t for an hour, during which time he carefully removes each individual turd and inspects it as though it's a precious object, the septuagenarian "pulls a nasty old black rag" from his fly and furiously masturbates with one hand, while stirring the contents of his bucket gingerly with the other.

Alas, the tale ends with a tragic reminder of the frailty of the human condition. Despite such tender affection for his (perhaps overly) generous portion of human feces, the man cannot get hard, let alone ejaculate.