The Coolest, Best Kept Secrets of the Disney Parks

Think you know all of the Disneyland secrets? The popular theme park harbors some deep, dark, and sometimes amusing secrets that you probably don't know. Millions are blissfully unaware as they roam the amusement park in search of... well... amusement. But what they don't know is that they could be enjoying a cocktail at a secret members-only bar next to the Pirate of Caribbean ride, playing basketball inside the top of the Matterhorn, or shopping at a secret Disneyland lingerie store on Main Street.

What are the Disneyland secrets? From the so-called "Hidden Mickeys" located all over the park, to driving an actual riverboat, you're about to learn the secrets of Disneyland (and a few about Disney World) here on this list of secret spots. Imagine your kids' or friends' surprise when you know all of these fun tricks to do next time you go to Disneyland! As you read through the hidden Disneyland secrets, make sure to vote for the secret you'll investigate during your next Disney adventure!

There are plenty of fun things to do at Disneyland (and many delicious things to eat), but the best things to do, other than spending time with your family, are the secret ones. Especially if it's that special day and you can take advantage of all the Disneyland birthday secrets. If you don't know the facts, you might miss out on a really unique experience, because Disneyland's Easter Eggs abound.

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    Morse Code Of Walt's Opening Day Message

    If you listen closely by the train station in New Orlean's Square in Disneyland, you will hear the faintest beeping of an old-timey telegraph sending out a coded message. This beeping is actually the first line of Walt Disney's opening day speech from July 17, 1955 as it would be written in morse code. If the dots and dashes were to be translated, it would say: 

    To all who come to Disneyland, welcome. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.

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    The Little Man Of Disneyland

    Hidden in the tree trunk just outside of the Indiana Jones Adventure in Adventureland there is a teeny-tiny little house meant for a teeny-tiny little man. The home belong to the leprechaun Patrick Begorra, who was the subject of a Disney Little Golden Books published in 1955. According to the story, the leprechaun lived in the roots of a tree before Disneyland was created,  and became the first "resident" of the theme park. 

    In honor of the little man in the little story, Imagineers created a special place just for him in Disneyland.

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    The Evil Queen Observes Fantasyland Guests

    While you are in Disneyland, stand outside Mr. Toad's Wild Ride near the carousel and look up. High above the crowds, atop the Scary Adventures of Snow White attraction, stands the wicked Queen Grimhilde, who occasionally pulls back the curtains of the window to check on Fantasyland guests. Every few mintues she returns to her perch, looking down at the crowds, sneering at the happy people. 

    This little Easter Egg is a fun little find and can add amusement to your line wait if you are in the right place. 

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    Urban Myth, Busted

    Several babies are known to have been born at the happiest place on earth - not a bad start in life. It was rumored that each one was given a lifetime pass to the theme park, but that's been recently debunked by a former employee. However, Teresa Salcedo was issued "Disneyland Birth Certificate No. 1" on July 4, 1979 and will forever hold the honor of being the first infant to take her first breath in the Magic Kingdom. 

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    The Window Above The Fire Station On Disnleyland's Main Street Looks Out From Walt Disney's Private Apartment

    You can still see a light in the window that used to be lit in order to announce that Disney himself was on the property. After he passed away, it was lit permanently and is now never extinguished in order to symbolize his constant presence in the world he created.
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    There's A Secret Suite In Cinderella's Castle

    There's A Secret Suite In Cinderella's Castle
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Cinderella's castle at Walt Disney World houses a secret suite. At Disneyland, the so-called Dream Suite is located above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in New Orleans Square. It was originally intended to be an apartment for Walt Disney and his family, but he passed away before it was finished being built.

    It rocks 24-karat gold floor tiles, stained glass windows, and a magic mirror that doubles as a television. Disney now occasionally allows families who win a competition to stay in the suite for the night. 

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