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13 Great People Who Were Also Perverts

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As some sort of a sequel to Beau Iverson's list (, I've decided to compile this list of 14 other allegedly awesome people who were really perverts in their private lives.Your opinion on Lewis Carroll, Charlie Chaplin, and Lord Byron will never be the same.

A lot of Googling involved here, and some of the sites used may not be accurate. If I made a mistake, please make a Disquz comment so I can correct it!

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    Guilty of: Masturbation addiction, talking to prostitutes

    Who's this guy?
    The guy who wrote all many of your favorite fairy tales as a child, including The Ugly Duckling and The Little Mermaid.

    What's his story?
    Although a celibate, he also enjoyed masturbating like there's no tomorrow. Every day, he would do his daily act of self-pollution, then mark it in his diary with two crosses (++), e.g. "When they left, I had a double-sensuous ++." In Paris, he would often visit prostitutes to talk to them (but not to touch them). Then he would return to his hotel room to do his dirty work.

    He also had crushes on both men and women. He would often write open love letters to young men he liked. More occasionally, he would write love letters to women that he knew would for sure turn him down. The Little Mermaid was based on his experience with one man who eventually married.

    Mind you, this guy's life was far from a happy one. Being an ugly child, The Ugly Duckling was actually based on his own gloomy childhood. His family was poor, even poorer than his friend Charles Dickens's. When his mother made him work at the local mill, the other workers stripped him to ''If I were a boy or a girl." Ouch.
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    Guilty of: Being a playboy, stripping women in 'auditions'

    Who's this guy?    
    THE single most famous actor of the silent film era. Even small children who have never heard of his name inevitably remember his hat-and-cane image.

    What's his story?   
    Chaplin was obsessed with young women, having confessed to having had sex with over 2000 women. He would find young women to star in his movies, oftentimes just teenagers, seduce them, and then drop them for the next one as soon as the girl began to fall in love. When they would get pregnant, he would tell them to get abortions and show his contempt for them. One girl, whom he married in secret after she became pregnant, was standing outside on the platform of the back of train after the ceremony, and Chaplin walked up to her and said, "This would be a good time to put an end to your misery – why don't you jump?"

    According to film historian Kevin Browning, "Charles would only communicate with the actress he was auditioning via caption cards and mime, supposedly to test their ability to 'perform' in silent movies. The cards would become ever more lewd and suggestive as he got them to undress, and he would fondle their breasts in an exaggerated silent movie acting manner..."

    What's more, at the end, Chaplin would make them stand naked while he threw pies at them. If they cried out, they failed the audition because, apparently, that made them unfit to mime.

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    Guilty of: Child pornography 

    Who's this guy? 
    Author of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Horrible mathematician in real life (he wrote Alice in Wonderland to ridicule the study of complex numbers). 

    What's his story? 
    Carroll was perhaps one of the first people to take up photography as a habit. He took about 3000 photographs in his life, of which only 1000 have survived. About 500 of those were of little girls. 

    You see, unlike Charlie Chaplin and HG Wells (both of whom are on this list), Carroll did not have any affairs with women. He remained a bachelor throughout his life. Unfortunately, that meant he always had an entourage of little girls around him. He would write poems, riddles, and other fun stuff for the girls, as well as... love letters. Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland, was one of them. The moment the girls reached puberty, he would kick them out.

    Carroll enjoyed taking pictures of his little friends. They were harmless at first, but in the 1870s, he started taking pictures of them with no clothes on. What's more, their families were fine with it. All but four of the nude photos have survived to this day.

    Carroll only liked English girls. American girls were too rude for him. As for boys, he wrote, "I confess I do not admire naked boys in pictures. They always seem... to need clothes, whereas one hardly sees why the lovely forms of girls should ever be covered up."

    According to Carroll, he was tormented by the "inclinations of my sinful heart" and often lay down in bed thinking about maths to ward off his "unholy thoughts." Let's just be glad that he dropped photography in 1880.

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    Guilty of: Sadism, masochism 

    Who's this guy?
    An Australian. One of the all-time greatest composers of the 20th century.  

    What's his story?  
    Grainger believed in sado-masochism. He thought that his creativity was tied to his sexual drive, and that flagellation activated both. It is believed that this was due to his father's frequent beatings of his mother. Grainger would often have his wife whip him, and recorded his activity with detailed notes and photos, sometimes aided by nearby mirrors. This obsession started when he was 16.   

    He tried out lots of different types of whips, 83 of which he donated to a museum. They included whips made from conductors' batons along with a pair of blood-soaked shorts.  

    It's quite fortunate that he didn't have children, or he would have had a great time punishing them. "I long to flog children," wrote Grainger. "It must be wonderful to hurt their soft, unspoiled skin." Just the opposite of Zheng Banqiao.
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