13 Inventors Foiled By Their Own Inventions

Inventors killed, ruined, or devastated by the things, ideas, and concepts they created. If there's one key lesson to take away from this list, it's "don't ever invent a way to punish or kill people, as it will likely be used against you." Seriously, this has happened so many times throughout history, you'd think people would completely abandon the "clever new ways to end someone" industry for fear of their own lives. (Unfortunately, that hasn't happened.) Also, just saying, but James Manos, Jr., creator of "Dexter," may want to keep an eye out for ice cream trucks.

Beyond the creators of angry kill machines, many inventors have also met untimely ends –or just tragic fates – because of the unintended consequences of their discoveries. Consider the unfortunate case of Stan Honey (who was not deemed quite significant enough for the actual list, but is still relevant. Bear with me here.) He created the yellow "first down line" that appears on your screen during NFL games. Brilliant, right? And what was Stan's reward? Poor guy can't even enjoy a game anymore. He's too worried about making sure the yellow line looks right. Poor, poor bastard.

Anyway, pity these poor fools who came up with things that made our lives better, saved us some time or made it easier for us to efficiently murder one another. They would have seen this coming if they'd only invented a time machine instead.