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The Most Amazing Tornado Videos  

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Think you've seen it all when it comes to tornadoes? You haven't seen this list of the best tornado videos ever shot. Whether you're an amateur storm spotter or just someone curious about these deadly storms, there's no denying that tornadoes make for some intense, and often terrifying, videos. Spring 2011, unfortunately, brought with it some of the most horrifying tornado images ever, as twisters wreaked havoc and brought death and destruction to several states.

Many of the largest and most powerful tornadoes in recent memory were caught on tape - either by so-called 'storm chasers' or by average, everyday people. Some of the most horrifying and best tornado footage emerged from this time period. Check out some of the most amazing tornado videos here and keep scrolling to discover the best tornado video of all time.

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Oklahoma City, OK May 3, 1999
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May 3, 1999, saw a massive tornado outbreak in Oklahoma, particularly in the Oklahoma City area. That afternoon, a powerful and catastrophic EF-5 tornado formed and headed for the suburbs of the city, packing winds that were later estimated to be well over 300 mph. Storm spotters captured the tornado's formation, clearly showing the size and scope of the monster storm. All total, 36 people were killed, 8,000 homes or businesses were damaged or destroyed. This particular tornado has the highest recorded wind speeds in history.
Ellis Co, OK May 4, 2007
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A massive tornado was captured by amateur storm spotters ripping through parts of Ellis County, Oklahoma, on May 4, 2007. The large funnel is clearly shown sucking up debris as it cuts a path through the area. In this case, the storm spotters were clearly at risk as the tornado approached. They quickly managed to back up and get out of the way. Fortunately.
Oklahoma Outbreak May 24, 2011
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2011 was, regrettably, a horrific year for massive tornado outbreaks. On May 24, 2011, multiple tornadoes formed across central Oklahoma, resulting in numerous videos. This particular video shows several monster storms as they move across the farmlands of Oklahoma, followed closely by trained storm spotters, who manage to capture the fury while remaining safely out of harm's way. For the most part.
Joplin, MO May 22, 2011: Backyard Experience
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We've all read the stories about the high winds from tornadoes and how destructive they are. We've seen the aftermath. We know they are deadly, but few of us - fortunately - know exactly what it feels like to be in such storms. This video, taken from the backyard security camera of a home in Joplin, Missouri, on May 22, 2011, clearly illustrates exactly how strong those winds really can be. Experts estimate that the winds from the Joplin tornado were well in excess of 200 mph and possibly, at times, as high as 250 mph. Watch as the tornado moves through this backyard, demolishing everything in its path.