fails 13 Most Epic Police FAILS of All Time  

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From getting their police car stolen while making an arrest, to driving through walls, tazing old women, leaving their post to meet 3-foot tall porn stars, to arresting an 8-year-old autistic girl, here are the 13 most epic police FAILs of all time (that don't involve accidentally shooting someone). In the real world, you better HOPE they never "come for you."

What are the most epic police FAILs of all time? That's up to you to decide, but there are some pretty hilarious options on this list. Why do cops make so many mistakes? That's a great question, but as the incidents on this list prove, the police are just as likely, if not more likely to fail as often as regular, law abiding citizens. 

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Officer Pursues His Own Car

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After pulling someone over for cutting a corner too sharply, the cop fails to turn his car off before it lazily rolls away and into a fence across the street, leaving the out-of-shape cop struggling to chase after it, cursing the entire time. 




Worst. Police Dog. Ever.

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Sometimes the best way to catch a perpetrator on the run is with good ol' Sparky. Unfortunately, that doesn't really work out for this rag-tag team of ultimate failure.

The German shepherd is clearly having a ball chasing down this bad guy, or rather, playing along side of him as they go for quick stroll through the neighborhood. The cop, wearing the bright yellow and looking hotter than the sun itself, waddles along, bringing up the rear. He tries to continue the pursuit as old Sparky begins to wander off, but not before the dog darts back across, causing Mr. Sun to tumble down the road. Old Sparky even uses his good training to stop a car from turning so he can continue cantering along with the alleged criminal.



Quadreiplegic Or Not Quadriplegic? This Is How You Find Out!

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Police Deputy Charlotte Marshall Jones was charged with abuse of a disabled person after she haphazardly dumps him on the floor to search him. I mean, clearly, this guy is a total faker.

Deputy Jones tosses the poor quadriplegic man in the clip at 0:39.

Cop Leaves Beat To See Dwarf Porn Star, Gets Caught

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I love America.

A police officer named Richard P. Benet, who had just received a commendation for his work on a murder case a few weeks before, left his beat for a while for a little R&R with "the world's smallest porn star."

He went to secretly meet up with 3'9" starlet Bridget "The Midget" Powers for a little spontaneous fun at Club Alex's Gentlemen's Club when he got caught. 

The kicker? He went in uniform. *facepalm*

Needless to say, the officer resigned just 10 days after getting caught.