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Carly Kiel

All pranks are hilarious – until something goes wrong. This list of practical jokes gone wrong cites elaborate jokes that ended with illness, arrest, and even death. While most of them share a common element of teenage boys, another running theme is reckless stupidity. . . or, more likely, both of these things combined. Don't try these pranks at home.

What are some great pranks gone wrong? What are the worst cases of practical jokes gone horribly wrong? You may think it's funny to light farts and scare people (those go together, right?) but there happen to be some times that a funny joke went horribly wrong. These are the best of the worst prank results ever.

High School Senior Charged with Felony for Playing with Dolls

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On his last day of high school in June 2011, 18-year-old black student Tyell Morton zipped up his hoodie, pulled on some latex gloves, and snuck into the girls' bathroom with a mysterious package. Believing that he was trying to bomb the school via the ladies' locker room, officials evacuated the building and called in the Indiana State Police bomb squad and K9 force to dispose of the package. The cautious response cost the school over $8,000, but turned out to be a major overreaction – after all, all the box contained was a sex doll.

Still, the state wanted to make an example of Morton to deter any other fun-loving teens who might try to enjoy themselves or rouse rabble in the future. Morton was arrested and charged with institutional criminal mischief, a felony that that carries a sentence of up to eight years in prison.
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