Unspeakable Times

Terrifying Real-Life Kids That Belong In A Horror Movie

Some of the best horror films of all time feature stalkers and killers straight out of nightmares. Scary movie villains can come from all walks of life -- man, woman, and even child. The children on this list have committed acts and crimes that would be worthy of whole scary movie film series.

These real-life stories all feature children as the perpetrators of terrible crimes, similar to the Swedish Eriksson Twins, who of course reminded the world of the twins from The Shining. Some of the kids on this list suffered horrible childhoods, like the former princess turned murderer Marguerite Alibert, while others came from perfectly ordinary backgrounds, making their crimes all the more horrifying. In nearly all of these cases, the victimes were also children, similar to the tragic and mysterious tale of the Sodder children disappearance.

From nursery school nightmares to college horror stories, all of these heinous crimes shocked the communities in which they took place. The close relationships some of these child-age murderers had with their victims could even inspire any number of family horror movies. While the harrowing details of these shocking acts may leave readers disgusted, the crime survivor stories can shed light on the motivation and mindset of these youthful villains.

So check out these real-life school-age kids who kill who could easily be the inspiration for a horror film that would terrify audiences.