Weird History 13 Ways Important Historical Figures Used Marijuana  

start slideshow Sara Kate

Marijuana use has a long history that predates the modern day "stoners" we've grown accustomed to. We all know about the ganja from India, and the weed from Jamaica, and we've memorized a list of countries and states that have legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana use. But there are some significant historical figures and cultures who made important contributions to the development of common cannabis usage.

 Whether they promoted growing weed, or simply took a few puffs and soared to new heights, these illustrious figures and cultures have all had an important green connection. From ancient civilizations, to queens, to presidents, to emperors, this list of historical figures that used marijuana will shock and intrigue you.

These aren't your average skateboarding stoner bros. Some of these historic icons made major contributions to world culture, and history itself. Whether they blazed it, toked it, or smoked it, Mary Jane was a key ingredient in these leaders' lives. Weed has definitely been known to get the creative juices flowing, and these prominent historical figures are no exception.

Are you surprised that some of these people smoked that wacky tobacc-y? Let us know what you think of these successful pot smokers in the comment section below!