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15 Ways the Founding Fathers Disagree with Today's GOP

Updated 19 Feb 2020 66.5k views15 items

Republicans often invoke the intentions of the Founding Fathers in order to justify their party's platform. Although the views of the Founders were varied and diverse, many Republicans claim to know exactly what these men intended, which seems like a factual impossibility. The GOP often insists that America is on the verge of destruction, since some of its citizens, as well as its Democratic leaders, are straying from the Founders' intentions.

But are we really going off the path the Founding Fathers set for the United States of America? And do today's Republicans have the slightest clue as to what the Founders's beliefs really were? Read on to learn more about how much the Founding Fathers would disagree with the Republican Party of today, on topics ranging from marijuana to gun control.

What are the ways that the Founding Fathers would disagree with today's Republicans? How would the Founding Fathers feel about gay marriage? Or medical marijuana? Or tax breaks? Would any of the Founders agree with modern Republicans? Take a look at this list and you'll see. 

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