14 Actually Amazing Video Game Movie Fan Trailers

With this week's release of that brilliant indie-dramedy looking God of War trailer, here are the 13 most memorable video game MOVIE fan trailers ever made, from a Zelda, Tetris, and a Pac-Man movie, to a movie about Paperboy, to a perfect adaptation of Monkey Island.
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  • The Legend of Zelda
    Video: YouTube

    IGN released this trailer on April Fools Day a few years back and it really got a lot of praise. It's not the greatest trailer ever, but the beats that it takes are PERFECT.

    If this were a real trailer, it would be absolutely amazing. Not taking the plot of the first Zelda and mixing it up a little was a GREAT call and an even better way to form a trailer.

    Casting a guy who looks like a mix between Brad Dourif and a confused looking Chris Kattan, though? Not so great.

    They pretty much shot themselves in the foot by making Link a guy who looks like he goes to clubs and bars, but then doesn't talk to anybody.

    Either way, though, the small amounts of the Zelda theme that we get in the song really make us believe one thing, as well as remind us of the following:

    When Hollywood makes a Legend of Zelda movie, it better be f**king good. They have arguably the best storyline in video game history, one of the greatest themes to ever grace ANY media and an underdog protagonist that will stop at nothing to overcome impossible odds. If you screw that up, I say we all never watch a movie ever again.

    Personally, I treat the idea of whoever ends up making the Legend of Zelda movie like I will treat the idea of whoever ends up marrying my daughter. They better f**king do it right, or they dun goofed.
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    Video: YouTube

    The hardest part of just about any video game fan trailer (or even for for any video game movie) is the concept. How do you make something into a story, a meaningful, entertaining film, while still keeping elements of what made a point-based cartoon/animated game popular? Even though they might not look as awesome as some of the trailers on page 2 or 3, these two Pac-Man trailers take the concept of the game, makes it insanely appropriate and do it in a way that makes us actually kind of want to watch the movie (which is the whole point of a trailer, isn't it?)

    This Pac-Man trailer achieves that and more. It turns it into a psychological thriller where a man must eat a series of pellets, and keep doing so or his head will explode. The side effects of the pills come when the man is on them, and he can't take them head on, but instead must run intelligently through the world avoiding them.

    BONUS TRAILER (click here)
    Here's a lower budget, but equally awesome trailer for a Pac-Man where the whole world has gone to crap because of what news reports call "Ghost Attacks". One man dresses up like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and takes them on in awesome ways.

    Great allusions: cherries, the soundtrack (brilliant, you don't realize it's Pac-Man til the end), and the fact that the guy is wearing a yellow helmet the whole time.

    It's a toss up between these two, so you decide. Which one do YOU like more? Either way, they both belong on this item on this list.
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    Video: YouTube

    It's insane how many Bioshock movie fan trailers are out there, and how many of them are EXACTLY the same.

    This one's slightly different, though, and therefore almost better right off the bat.

    This one actually goes as far to show the plane before it crashes, as well as shows the crash (scenes from Castaway, we think). It then goes into the same voice over anyone who's EVER made a fake Bioshock trailer of ANY kind uses, but then goes on to include some really great underwater scenes, as well as scenes of torture, fear and intermixed Little Sister dialogue that makes this trailer effectively creepy.

    Well done.
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  • Halo: Combat Evolved
    Video: YouTube

    This was kind of a no-brainer, Halo WAS almost a movie. Halo was almost a movie made by PETER JACKSON. Halo also has some GREAT live-action trailers for their games that this particular person used to intersplice with what they shot.

    This would probably be an unbelievably epic beginning to a Halo movie.

    It's a series of old soldiers recalling the Halo war and why they made it through. They look back and they remember that they made it because of Master Chief.

    A documentarian takes these old UNSC soldiers through a museum, recalling the wars as they told stories of how they made it through.

    They all had one thing to say: Chief.

    This trailer not only makes you want to see the movie TONIGHT, but shows you how great of a character Master Chief can be. He doesn't have to be that 3 dimensional because the reason people love him is because he's an ideal, he's a hero and he's the person that everyone needs, even if they don't know they do at the time.
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    Metroid Prime
    Video: YouTube

    This Metroid Prime trailer comes into its own during the establishing shots of the "film".

    A lot of the best parts of this trailer that really make you feel like you might be watching a Metroid movie come in the shots that let you know where you are.

    Then a woman's voice comes on screen... it's Samus. They take a cheesy looking shot/scene from the Metroid Prime live-action commercial and really make you feel like this film will be character driven, which really would be GREAT for a Metroid movie.

    Although, it'd be pretty great if they could accentuate the feminism of it and pull the surprise on the audience, or at least on some characters, that we all got when we played the first game.

    Have her kicking ass and taking names (but no prisoners) and then finally when everything dies down, she takes off her helmet and *gasp* GENDER STEREOTYPES ARE SHATTERED!
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  • Microsoft Minesweeper
    Video: YouTube

    Once again bring a simple-concept game into reality, this trailer basically makes minesweeper into Saving Private Ryan. This makes perfect sense, and it's actually kind of surprising that Hollywood hasn't done this yet (they ARE making a Monopoly movie AND a Bazooka Joe movie).

    This trailer, and would-be movie, focuses on a small team of minesweepers who treat it like a game, even though it's a job.

    There's one guy who's great, but we see many people get blown up, falling into the many traps and patterns we all have while sitting at a work computer or someone else's computer with absolutely nothing to do.

    Most genius part of the trailer "c'mon, it's never the first one" *BLAM*
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