15 Gus Fring Fan Theories That Make A Lot Of Sense
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15 Gus Fring Fan Theories That Make A Lot Of Sense

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Every show needs a potent antagonist. In Breaking Bad, Giancarlo Esposito's portrayal of Gus Fring is a terrifying and compelling performance with a deep and mysterious background that is rarely explored within the canon. Even though the show ended in 2013, Better Call Saul continues Vince Gilligan's masterpiece of a universe with additional answers to who Gus Fring was before the show's events. Fortunately, the internet has been hard at work coming up with wild fan theories adding interesting elements to his backstory that fundamentally change the way we see our favorite villain. 

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    Gus And Peter Schuler Were Involved In A Massive European Trafficking Scheme

    From Redditor u/NoOneElseToCall:

    So as many people are aware, the generally accepted consensus on Gus' background is that he was high up in Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet's regime before its collapse in 1990. Gus emigrated to the U.S. in 1989 and had left Chile in '86 - and between these periods, we witness him and his partner Max approach Don Eladio seeking a partnership in their drug empire.

    Now, I just found out that Pinochet was accused of smuggling cocaine to Europe and the U.S., something he ardently denied, but we can safely say it is highly-plausible. Was Peter Schuler perhaps involved in this massive trafficking scheme on the European end? It would add firmer context to Gus' line about the two of them, which highlights that they were somehow involved back in his Chile days:

    "Do you remember Santiago? Our backs against the wall. I will never forget what you did."

    It would also explain how Gus managed to source the high-level connections in a multinational business like Madrigal, which allowed him to sell so much of his product to Europe. I can't imagine such ties being easy to forget when you're nothing more than the owner of a small chain of chicken restaurants in the American Southwest.

    You can read the rest of this Redditor's theory here

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    Gus Killed Victor Because He Was Seen At Gail's Murder Scene

    From Redditor u/iSo_Cold:

    TLDR; Gus Killed Victor because he let himself be seen at a murder scene.

    Late in the series, Walter speculates that Gus slit his enforcer Victor's throat for "flying too high." I disagree with both the reason for Victor's death and his position in Gus's organization.
    Victor's earliest appearance is during the flashback where Gus and Gail discuss Walter's product. During that meeting, Gail states that he'll be ready to begin production in a month.

    Victor, who is holding the schedule of shipments, corrects him with two weeks. Twice, once with Walt and once with Jesse, Victor is shown acting as a purchaser, handling merchandise and distributing money. Next, consider that while Victor is always armed, he's never shown actually shooting anyone. Conversely, Mike, an actual enforcer, kills on-screen on numerous occasions.

    Another important moment and the linchpin in why Victor had to die was the night of Gail's death. Mike presses him repeatedly to ask if he was seen. Victor confirms that he was seen and by several people. In fact, Mike is more concerned by the fact that Victor was seen than by anything that may have been in Gail's apartment. Mike is then the one to make the call to Gus and states, "Let's get this over with." before doing so. The moment in the show is played to mean Walt and Jesse's deaths. But I believe he meant Victor's. He was going to have to tell Gus that Victor was seen.

    I believe the brutal nature of Victor's death was Gus venting his frustration. Mike draws his gun not to stop Gus or shoot Walt and Jesse, but to shoot Victor in case, Gus didn't kill him as efficiently as he did. Walter deprived Gus not only of Gail, who couldn't run the lab alone. But, Victor's own sloppiness deprived Gus of a valuable member of his organization AND Gail's lab partner since no one is shown being able to run the lab alone, forcing Gus to rely on Walt and Jesse. Instead of his preferred team of Gail and Victor, This is why there are now cameras in the lab. The strategies Gus used to replace Walt failed, and he had to fallback to monitoring him until other opportunities presented themselves.

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    Evidence Gus Fring Is Gay

    From Redditor u/dionysoursugar:

    I always saw theories about Gus being gay, but no one really ever had proof. However, I just started season 5 of Better Call Saul, and one of the Salamanca clan members, when discussing Gus Fring and business with him, said this...

    "It's my uncle Hector's influence... So suspicious. So unreasonable. Hector has this crazy idea in his head that somehow the chicken man might carry a grudge after he shot Fring's boyfriend in the head."

    Now, it didn't seem to me like he was making fun of Gus. He just stated it casually. Sorry if this has already been posted/said, but I just saw this, and I find it so interesting that the theory is true after all.

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    Gus Was Part Of The Chilean Military

    From Redditor u/crimsonandred88:

    I had always assumed he was part of Pinochet's military until I started doing some reading after I saw this post. Here is my new theory:

    I propose that Gus Fring was a high ranking member of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front. This was a division of the Communist Party of Chile formed specifically for violently overthrowing Augusto Pinochet. They were known to smuggle weapons and possibly narcotics and were considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. Department of State.

    In 1986, the FPMR attempted to assassinate Pinochet but failed. The failed attempt caused a lot of in-fighting in the group, eventually leading to the complete disassociation from the Chilean Communist Party. Many prominent members left the group and/or fled the country.

    Guess what year Gus arrived in Mexico? 1986. If he were a high ranking member of the FPMR, it would make sense that Hector would call him "Grand Generalisimo" and for Don Eladio to know who he was.

    From Redditor u/Nazcarfanatic24

    I think he was part of the liberation front. That's the only reason that makes sense why Eladio and the cartel won't kill him. They'd be killing a war hero. If he's part of the Pinochet regime, then there's no reason not to kill him since he wouldn't be missed, and Pinochet is no longer in power.

    Plus, think back to when Gus was questioned by the DEA. He said, "The Pinochet government was guilty of many grave sins. Most of all, record-keeping."

    All Gus needed to say was the regime didn't keep records. The other part of his statement felt like a jab he just couldn't resist making. Gus, who grew up impoverished in Chile, was a general of the group that tried to oust a dictator.

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    Gus Was Watching Walt From The Very Beginning

    From Redditor u/BertramGoose:

    I think I understand what happened early in the Second Season: while Walt and Jesse were beginning to work with Tuco, we see a black van outside Walter's house one night, never explained. Then, after Tuco kidnaps them and takes them to the Salamanca house, he reveals that at least one of his guys got picked up, and he thinks all his guys are turning on him (whether true or paranoia).

    I think the van was evidence that Gus was watching the whole thing transpire, and it is he who sets up that whole scene in the junkyard with Tuco's two dead guys so that the DEA would take notice. When Tuco beats his one guy to death in front of Walter and Jesse, he presumably orders the other one to dispose of the body ( I don't remember if there is a scene about it). Then Hank is called to the junkyard where both guys are dead, which LOOKS like an accident. But to me, it looks like one of Gus' underhanded maneuvers to f*ck over the Salamancas.
    From there, Gus has turned the cops onto Tuco and fueled his paranoia and probably wants to see if this will kill two birds with one stone, getting rid of Tuco and/or the competition (Walter) because Gus has no intention of working with him at that stage.

    Think about it: Gus' revenge plot begins the moment his friend is killed in front of him. Why would he only begin killing off Hector's family with the Twins and leave Tuco alone? He definitely had plans for Tuco, and I think this is how he implemented them.

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    Gus Was Part Of The Chilean's President's Secret Service

    From Redditor u/Sin_Researcher:

    In 1986, Chilean President Pinochet was ambushed, killing five of his Secret Service guards. One of them survived, faked his death, created a new name and identity, and escaped to Mexico that very same year: Gustavo Fring.

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