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15 Tweets That Prove Tony Soprano Was More Nice Guy Than Wise Guy In Real Life

July 13, 2021 208 votes 27 voters15 items

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Fictional mob boss Tony Soprano was many things: a sensitive soul, a cold-blooded killer, a loving father, an unfaithful husband. The late, great James Gandolfini, on the other hand, was one thing and one thing only: a literal saint who was every bit as great a person as he was an actor. 

Whether he was helping out distressed bartenders, leaving huge tips for waitstaff, or standing up for his fellow actors, the man who played Tony Soprano had a reputation for brightening the lives of everyone around him — whether it was his colleagues, family members, or perfect strangers. In fact, the actor had such a knack for decency to strangers that the internet is brimming with anecdotes from people who had wonderful interactions with him they'll remember forever. Here are just a few of the most heartwarming examples of James Gandolfini being a perfect sweetie we were able to find on Twitter. 

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    Once A Bartender, Always A Bartender


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    'Tipped Like A Beast'


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    Appeared on 'Sesame Street' When His Son Was A Toddler


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    Kept His Friends Away From Creeps


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