15 People Share Their Scariest Encounters With Wild Animals To Prepare You For The Worst

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Being out in the wilderness is no joke. If you've ever been camping or hiking and wondered how to survive an encounter with a wild animal, then you're in luck. These people are sharing their stories so you can learn what not to do when you encounter a wild animal.

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    They Panicked When A Deer Tried To Eat The Food In Their Pocket

    From Redditor u/historygoose:

    This is the dumbest thing that's happened to me involving a wild animal lol

    Traveled to a place that was known for its extremely friendly, extremely food aggressive deer. Mistakenly had some biscuits in my coat pocket. Deer came up to me. Deer wanted said biscuits.

    Ran around screaming while the stupid deer chased me around trying to eat my damn jacket.

    Had to climb up onto a ledge to get away from it, didn't realize until I looked that the ledge looked over a straight drop down to the ocean. Had to straddle the concrete and hold on for dear life while the biscuit eater kept pushing me with its head.

    Eventually, it left me alone, but not before an entire class of students on a field trip walked by and started laughing. Never feed the wildlife again.


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    They Wore Flip Flops On A Hike... In Australia

    From Redditor u/hour-passage3513:

    I was camping atleast 3 hours from a hospital in Australia and I look down and a brown snake is right next to my foot I was only wearing thongs(flip flops) aswell. A brown snake's venom can end you in less then 30 minutes and considering my age I would of been done in 15mins cause I was a small child.

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    They Decided To Investigate A Noise And Almost Injured An Owl

    From Redditor u/BloodSpades:

    I heard someone/something creeping around my family member’s house. I went to investigate while armed with my knife, and my blood ran cold as I saw this bright ghostly shape glide by me. I almost struck it, but thankfully realized at the last second that it was a very big barn owl. The damn thing scared the hell out of me, but I’m so incredibly thankful that I didn’t hurt it. They’re such cool birds

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    They Tried To Poke Wildlife And Ended Up Covered In Spiders

    From Redditor u/ThatGuy_NotSure:

    Climbing down a small but steep cliff. See hole with something furry inside. Decide to reach in and poke the furry thing. Realize that it isn't fur when hundreds of Daddy Long Leg spiders come pouring out all over me. Scream and thrash while trying not to fall. Vowed to never again poke unknown things again.

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    They Confused Wolves For Dogs

    From Redditor u/Redheadedbandit01:

    I was out for a run on a trail in the fall. Came up to an old logging road, and in the corner of my eye, I see this black “dog” run up the road. I stopped and then looked to my right and see this other black “dog” just standing there staring at me with its head slightly down. Me being the person I am, I start walking towards it thinking it was someone’s dog, then I clued in and realized that it was a wolf. I backed up and moved slowly. The whole time it was just watching me as I backed away. As soon as I got far back enough, it slowly trotted up the road. Beautiful creature, but it definitely gave me a bit of a scare.

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    They Got Armed And Ready When A Shark Approached Them

    From Redditor u/mariana96as:

    While scuba diving at the blue hole in Belize a reef shark came swimming right towards me. I was getting ready to take off my gear and use the tank to protect me, but the shark did a sharp turn before reaching me.

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