15 People Who Love Their Jobs Reveal What They Do For A Living

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Turns out the daily grind doesn't have to be such a grind! Have you ever ever wondered what people who love their jobs do? Are you thinking of making the switch? These Redditors are sharing their careers and why they love them. Vote up the best jobs people love to do, and consider your next career move.

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    Art Teachers Have A Blast With The Kids

    From Redditor u/Embarrassed_Wing_284:

    I’m an art teacher. I shut my door, interpret the curriculum how I see fit and have a blast making amazing projects with my kids. Since it’s art, nobody really gives a crap about what I’m doing, as long as my kids are working. It gives me a lot of freedom to teach what I think is appropriate.

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    Dog Walkers Are Outside All Day With No Human Contact 

    From Redditor u/SameConversation369:

    Dog walker here. I love being outside all day, with little to no contact with humans, and spending every day with all kinds of fun and adorable dogs, there is virtually no downside. They are so happy to see me and even happier to walk. It's seriously wild that I get paid to do this.

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    Being A Baker Is Like Living In A Hallmark Movie

    From Redditor u/bergam0t:

    I left my career and the big hustle of the city (LA, and before that Toronto), and moved to a tiny town in the mountains where I took a job as a baker. It's like living in a Hallmark movie; there isn't a stop light around for like 30 miles. I make half the money I did at my old desk job but my expenses are half what they were, and I have ZERO stress - our customers are always happy because of pie.

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    Farmers Grow Their Own Food And Share With Their Community

    From a former Redditor

    I own and run a farm. We do a lot of gourmet mushrooms, garlic, specialty fruits, etc. I have always loved to cook. Cooking with fresh local ingredients is awesome. Basing your life around producing those ingredients, cooking with them, and sharing with your community is amazing. I would never have a normal "job" again. It really is true that with some persistence and a bit of luck you can find a job that doesn't feel like work.

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    Freelance Writers Can Work From Anywhere

    From Redditor u/arielitalic:

    But I'm a freelancer writing in a niche field, so I can ask a pretty high hourly rate for my work. I don't need to work 40 hours a week (sometimes closer to 20), I get to define exactly what those hours are, and I work from home (or wherever I feel like bringing my laptop). Plus, my current company treats me well in other ways: annual trips, cash bonuses, little gifts like bottles of wine and gift cards, and plenty of verbal reinforcement of my value. And the people themselves are pretty cool.

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    Welding Is Very Satisfying

    From Redditor u/Slevinkellevra710:

    I love working in manufacturing/welding. There's a lot of satisfaction in creating something out of something else. I take pride that my work meets specs and the money is ok. It's not necessarily a rare skill set, but not everyone can do it. I've struggled with ADD and depression, so being successful at my trade is very important to me.