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16 Reasons Why 'Fallout 4' Hates You

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No one is surprised that the world of Fallout is a harsh one, but no one expected Fallout 4 to be so much harder than it's predecessors. A nuclear wasteland is not exactly a comfortable place to be. We knew this in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. But when Fallout 4 came out, the first thing we realized was that this isn't just a rough world. It is a world that actively hates you. So in the interest of trying to keep you alive, we've compiled a list of all the ways Fallout 4 is unforgiving. You better save every two minutes, because Fallout 4 is extremely punishing!  

In Fallout 4 every single step is treacherous, with every morsel of food you eat a serious decision of whether or not you want to take that much radiation. At times the game can actually feel like more work than it is fun, but some of us really like that aspect of it. Vote for the aspects of Fallout 4 that you believe to be the most frustrating.

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    Ghouls Will Swarm You Before You Even See Them

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    Ghouls are so much faster than in previous games. Shoot off an arm and they keep coming. Shoot off both arms and they'll just headbutt you. Basically, whenever you feel like you're about to enter a zombie movie, you will be immediately surrounded and batted around by a horde of Ghouls that is up in your grill. 
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    Everyone Has Grenades And They Use Them Well

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    It used to be when you saw a grenade, it would only very very rarely come within your general vicinity. Not anymore. Everyone has a grenade. Everyone. And they are almost coordinated in how they throw them to make sure you get rocked by them. 

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    At Least One Character Will Hate Every Decision You Make

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    With all the physical pain going around, there's plenty of emotional pain as well. There are plenty of characters that you'd like to have around, but the reality is that you're going to have to alienate some of them if you want to play the game at all. Want to join a badass group of super soldiers? You're going to lose one of your earliest friendships almost immediately. Good job! So you'd best make your choices early. 
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    Traps Are Harsh And Difficult To See

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    You'll be walking through a bombed out building, maybe even the Massachusetts State House, and suddenly an explosion turns you into ash. You didn't see it coming. You walk even more carefully the second time around. Explosion. Finally, you're crawling through it as slow as you can, and you find the trap. Hooray, it's over. You get up and then run into a follow-up trap. But hey, when you're done, you can actually take those traps for yourselves. 

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